2018-12-24 Recovery Day 658

Today was a better day, with some new health-related issue. For the last few days, my lower back would, after standing or walking for a bit, be in some pain. After resting it would go away. However, today it would not go away, staying pain all day. Further, all of a sudden my left shoulder joint is starting to be in pain. Being Christmas Eve, I rested for most of the day. Hopefully, the resting will help to keep the pain down for the next few days.

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2018-12-23 Recovery Day 657

Today was another so-so day, with some health-related issue. However, the issues were different from yesterday. For starters, waking up my stomach did not play too well. I delayed getting up for a bit of time which helped. After getting up the other issue surfaced, which was mostly about pain in my hips and left leg. I kept the pain to a minimum resting for most of the day.

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2018-12-22 Recovery Day 656

2018–12–22 Recovery Day 656

Today was a so-so day, with some health-related issue. My shoulder pain/discomfort acted up all day again. In addition, some new masses have surfaced in the rib area on my right side. For most of the day I rested, dozing off. Overall it was not a good day the way we had it the last few days. Hopefully, today was an exception and tomorrow will be better.

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2018-12-21 Recovery Day 655

Today was another Good day, with no health-related issue. My shoulder pain/discomfort is still present but at a very low level, even during my walk and afterward, the level increased only slightly. As to my new issue, the sweating during my walk and afterward, was almost none existing today. Overall it was a good day with only my shoulder blades giving me some discomfort.

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2018-12-20 Our Christmas Decorations, Set 8, Nutcracker Set 2

Today was another Good day again with no health-related issue, my stomach cooperating for the most part of the day. My shoulder pain/discomfort still is present, today for the whole day, with a variant level between 3 and 7. However, one new issue, which started about a week ago, is sweating when being active, and even more when I stop. I am known to sweat easily, but this is nothing, it is only from the top of my head. Guess this is sometimes of side effect to be mention to my doctors.

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2018-12-13 Recovery Day 647

Today was a better day. Health-wise the day was a better day, my stomach started to cooperate. I still only ate white rice with applesauce for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, I had chicken noodle soup and toast. As to my hydration issue, I did not need any today.

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2018-12-12 Recovery Day 646

Today was another so-so day. Health-wise the day was again a repeat of yesterday, my stomach just would not cooperate. I went after lunch to the cancer center to get again some hydration. After the hydration, I returned home to rest to make sure my stomach problems stayed under control.

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