2018-08-30 Recovery Day 542

Today was a OK day that started off good. Around lunchtime the pain in my shoulder acted up, it may have been because during my morning walk I moved my head too far back following a hawk putting on a good show. I noticed that as time progressed some low-level pain in my shoulder. However, it stayed at a low level until I ended my shopping at Home Depot before lunch. I got the pain under control with Tylenol and resting before I visited the Dentist.

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2017-07-28 Recovery Day 144

2017-07-28 Recovery Day 144

No two days are every the same. Today things turned out different again. Getting up I felt no upper leg/buttocks and foot pain, even my shoulder-back-shoulder pain is was barely notable. My first activity was to help with preparing Breakfast. This is becoming a regular routine again. After Dianne and Denise left for work, I went upstairs to my office to continue trying to sort things out. For most of the morning I was busy with trying to figure out how to arrange my office, now that I have retired from my standards work. Ray was able to get through to me for our daily FaceTime session.

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