Apple’s New Photos App for OS X

This is not a review of Photos, there have been many written by now. What it is instead is about my experience with trying to determine if Photos can replace Aperture.

Before going into the details, I should mention that I am not much of a post-photographic processor. I prefer to spend more time in getting the photo done correctly they way I want it inside the camera.

Because of my rare and limited post-processing, I use Aperture more as a Photo Manager, than as an Photo Editor. As I explained in My Post-Photographic Workflow, Part–1 article, I store all my photos on a external RAID drive. I don’t store the photos inside Aperture, but instead use the referenced masters feature.

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My Post-photographic Workflow – Part 2

Last week’s article outlined the first two steps on my post-photographic workflow, storing images and cataloguing, organizing, or managing images. In this article I will continue with the last two steps for image processing and correction and exporting and distributing the images.

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