2018-10-04 Recovery Day 577

In how many ways can I say the same? Here is number three: Today was like yesterday another great day, with no health issues all day long. Like yesterday, it could have been an excellent day had it not been again for some soreness in my joints, such as my knees, hips, etc. There is nothing else to add, other than making the point that this is the third day in a row that could have been excellent.

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2018-04-06 Recovery Day 396

Today was another good day. No health related issues getting up today, therefore I went back to my regular breakfast of European Muesli and a cup of hot coco. Checking my vitals they were good. Since it was raining very hard, Dean and I went to the local mall and walk around for an hour. The mall opens at 10:00, however there is a entrance for employees which we use to get in by 9:00. The security guards know us by now and don’t have an issue with anyone just walking their rounds.

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