2020-01-07 Living with Cancer Day 1035

Date: 2020 January 07, at 07:46:07 PST
Weather: 32°F Freezing Fog
Location: 4410 Deermeadow Way, Antioch, CA, United States

Getting Up – 07:46:07 PST – 32°F Freezing Fog
I woke up around 6:30 but stayed in bed until 7:45 since it was just too cold, 34F (1C). Before going downstairs, I did my daily chores and spend some time in my office getting some items I need to use my other smart switches as a gang of two downstairs.

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2019-07-05 Living with Cancer Day 852

Today was a BETTER day. The day started long before 9:00 PM the evening before with illegal fireworks that finally ended around 2:00 AM. In between I dozed a few times, before getting some sleep when the fireworks finally ended. Some fireworks were not what we would expect such as shooting stars, they were just noise markers, some as loud as a grenade that was heard miles away.

I got up at 6:50 to start my morning routine with no problem. As to my intense tingle in my left leg from the toe unto past my hip, it was present at a very low level, almost undetectable. BTW, I stop taking Ibuprofen since it is wrong for me to self-diagnose. Dianne reminded me that Ibuprofen is counter to the blood thinners I take. There are other medication that may interfere with. I will report the issue to my doctor and let her figure out what it may be

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