2019-01-10 Living with Cancer – Day 675

Today was a so-so day, as started yesterday, taken my Stomach and Dizziness medication as a precaution around 4:00 AM worked since I had no issues getting up at 8:00. However, shortly after that, I broke out in sweat that would to stop as it came in intervals, lasting about 15 minutes, with breaks in-between of another 15 minutes.

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Down by the San Joaquin River – Take 5

Another day which is not optimal for outdoor photography, noting but distant fog. Checking on all my locations I used so far, the best was the Municipal Fishing Dock to take photos of the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta. Interesting enough, as once before, my naked eyes saw more fog than the camera. as I did the last two weeks.

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Mount Diablo hiding in Fog

This set of photos is using the same scene as I did for Day 2, Day 9 and Day 16. However, this time the mountain is not visible because of the fog in the foothills. Looking at the earlier photos, comparing the trees in the middle of the photos allows the comparison to easily see the narrower Field of View (FoV) the 90mm (145mm FF) lens provides.

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No Sunrise, just Fog

Another week that starts with fog, eliminating the chance for catching another colorful sunrise. It was also the start of using yet another prime lens, this time it is my Tamron SP AF 90mm lens. This set of pictures are of the same scene as during the last three weeks Day 1, Day 8 and Day 15. The sky looks blue instead of gray, that is because of the sun behind it. I also had to use a very high ISO to take these photos.

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No colorful Sunrise, just Fog

This morning all that I saw was fog, eliminating the chance for catching another colorful sunrise. But true to taken pictures of the same scene as during the last two weeks Day 1 and Day 8, I waited until there was enough light to trying taken the four photos. Yes, there is a lot of gray in these photos, instead of the clouds and sunrise, but I do feel there are interesting photos to put up as they are more like Black and White ones.

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