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2018-05-06 Recovery Day 426

Weather-wise nothing new to report, still in the same pattern which should stay that way for this coming week. Health-wise it was a bad start. I did not sleep from 3 O’Clock on. I did not wanted to get up, but I did bite the bullet and did it. I was overcome with dizziness which I got control of with Zofran, but because I took at the time I got up it took some time before it started to do its job. My breakfast was a safe one, dry toast and tea.

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2018-05-05 Recovery Day 425

Weather-wise still no change from the pattern we have over the last week. I am not complaining about it, it is what it is, just right for me, not to hot but sunny. Health-wise I started with some dizziness after getting up, which I control with Zofran. Today we went out for breakfast at Big Bear in Oakley to celebrate Mother’s Day. I enjoyed a California Bacon (Eggs Benedict) with country roasted potatos.

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2018-04-19 Recovery Day 409

Finally the weather has warmed up. Health wise, it was a repeat of the last few days, no treatment side effects, making this a good day. My to my vitals, they were fine. I had a good breakfast. Afterwards I took my morning medication and got ready for my morning walk with Dean. After our walk we drove to Costco for some Grocery shopping. Getting back home after unloading the groceries I did feel some back pain which I kept under control with some Tylenol.

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