2019-04-10 Living with Cancer Day 765

Today was not a bad Day, it started off the way all my days start, with dizziness, stomach cramps and sweating. The differences being the levels they appear, today they were at a low level. I also had a bit of my leg and hip muscles hurting still from the weekend trip to Sonoma Gardens. In summary, health-wise today was a very so-so Day.

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2019-04-06 Living with Cancer Day 761

Today was all around a Great Day. Getting up late, around 9:00, I had some light dizziness, stomach cramps, and sweating. After a light breakfast, the symptoms disappeared for most of the morning and it stayed that way for most of the day, only change was the various levels depending on the activity. At day end, after dinner, my shoulder and hip pain started to act up, resting helped to keep it in check. In summary, health-wise today was a very Good Day.

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2019-04-06 – Outdoor Photography – Nature – Cornerstone Sonoma

These photos were taken during our visit to the Cornerstone Sonoma, a wine country marketplace featuring a collection of world-class shopping, boutique wineries and tasting rooms, artisanal foods, art-inspired gardens, live music, and the home to Sunset’s Gardens + Outdoor Test Kitchen.

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2019-03-25 Living with Cancer – Day 749

Another so-so day, starting with me getting up at 8:00 to have breakfast and get ready for my morning walk. Right from the start, I had to deal with heavy sweating and dizziness, that would not subside. By the time I started my walk, I also had to deal with shoulder and hip pains which stayed around for most of the day. The only health-related good news was that the sweating and dizziness has disappeared.

In summary, I had to deal all day with my shoulder and lower back pains.

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2019-02-17 Living with Cancer – Day 713

I am still not having a good day. Like the past few days, I am dealing all day with the standard symptoms, with randomly phases at a higher for a while, especially the dizziness and stomach aches. For now, all I can do is take my medication and rest, giving my system all the time to recuperate.

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2018-11-04 Recovery Day 608

Today was another good day! Again, health-wise things were what I call normal for now. I had some early stomach cramps in the morning, leftover side effects of the Dilaudid I had taken a few days ago. The good news, with Dilaudid cycle, almost gone away, things are now 99% back to normal. As to my shoulder pain, it is stable, staying at an acceptable level, which I can lower if needed with some Tylenol. No other health-related issues have been showing up such as ankle and/or hip pains.

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2018-09-15 Recovery Day 558

Today was a good day, that did not start off too well. Getting up I encountered stomach queasiness that lasted for a few hours. However, I had no dizziness or back pain. I did have all day some on and off bone pain in my right side, hip and knee. However, overall it was a good day even with limited issues in the morning. This is the third day after my full-day treatment and in the past, Saturday and Sunday were really bad days. Today was nothing like it was in the past.

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2018-06-16 Recovery Day 467

Today was a so-so day. The day started without any signs of dizziness or nausea, and the pain level in my shoulder was at normal level. Since tomorrow is Father’s Day, Dianne took me out for breakfast a day earlier to bypass the crowds tomorrow. After breakfast we went to the farmers market to get the ingredients for Dianne’s Minestrone soup.

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2018-05-06 Recovery Day 426

Weather-wise nothing new to report, still in the same pattern which should stay that way for this coming week. Health-wise it was a bad start. I did not sleep from 3 O’Clock on. I did not wanted to get up, but I did bite the bullet and did it. I was overcome with dizziness which I got control of with Zofran, but because I took at the time I got up it took some time before it started to do its job. My breakfast was a safe one, dry toast and tea.

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