2020-06-22 Living With Cancer – Day 1804

Today was a so-so day, health-wise my pain levels had increased after my doctors visit to a steady four for the shoulder and three for my lower back. Around 5:00 the levels were at six and five, the reason being some new pains in my hips and along the lower ripcage. Taking an additional doze of the pain medication lowered the levels an acceptable four and three.

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2019-08-05 Living with Cancer Day 880

Today was a *so-so day, no real issues getting for me, however Dianne had to take Denise to the hospital. It changed my morning routine and activities. Thanks for Dean being available to step in and help me to keep my early appointment for Quest Lab to draw a trough at exactly 8:00. Afterwards we went to our Target store to see the new layout. I ended up buying some BodyArmor drinks at a great reduced price. Our next stop was looking at a new housing development, they did not have any model homes yet, but their information office had lots of stuff to at least give visitors enough information to decide to go back when the models are available.

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