2019-01-22 Living with Cancer – Day 687

Today was another bad day, it was not as bad as yesterday, but bad enough that I had to stay home and monitor my Temperature since I woke up with 100.5F. Taking Tylenol I got to down to 98.4F, but after a few hours, it was back up at 99.F. Besides my shoulder were in pain, I also had stomach issues, and my mouth was filled with some bad metallic taste.

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2018-12-31 Recovery Day 665

Today was yet another so-so day, I again slept until 9:00 and woke up with a sore throat which was less severe as it was yesterday. However, around 3:30 AM I had to get up quickly as I needed to vomit.

Back to getting up this morning; I went downstairs to have a light breakfast. Checking my temperature it showed being somewhat high. Taking some Tylenol brought the temperature down. As to my shoulder and lower back pain, it still was there. With all my ailments I stayed inside resting for the day, getting up every so often.

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2018-10-22 Recovery Day 595

I am continuing with yet another great day! Health-wise, there has been a slight change regarding my left leg. The ankle’s pain location has moved up a bit and the hip pain got stronger. Walking does no longer help in reducing the pain level, the good news, it does not increase either. For now, all I can do is watch the next few days which way it will go.

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2018-10-18 Recovery Day 591

Good news, today was again a great day! Everything back to normal, if anyone with active cancer treatment, will very have a normal day. Anyway, health-wise, things were good today, no dizziness or stomach issues all day. A little bit of bone pain in my ankles and hips, but not as bad as yesterday and before.

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2018-08-22 Recovery Day 534

Let’s start by explaining why this posting was not available yesterday – IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY HEALTH ISSUE!!! It was the lack of time as you will see in a moment.

Today (22nd August) was a good day, again with some unexciting start of the day. Getting up I had to rush to the bathroom because of some dry-heaving which lasted about 5 minutes. I went back to bed for an hour and getting a second time up, no dizziness and stomach queasiness for the rest of the day, which was important since I had signed up for some late evening session with the East Bay Regional Park District part of my Docent training.

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2018-08-17 Recovery Day 529

Today another good, but busy day. Still, the day started with dizziness and stomach queasiness after getting up. See earlier posts starting with posting 2018-08-10 Recovery Day 522 for details. As to the Transderm Scop (Scopolamine) patch, the verdict is still not out if it works or not. I will keep using it until 21 August, the end of this cycle, to see if the patch is working.

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2018-08-14 Recovery Day 526

Another good day with dizziness and my stomach queasiness when first getting up. Taking Zofran and Meclizine got it under control before breakfast. The added Transderm Scop (Scopolamine) patch should start working by tomorrow. Tomorrow is my treatment day, the first within my 4-week cycle, 1 on 3 off. It will be interesting to see how this will affect the good days I had lately.

One side effect I encountered today was that after lunch I was falling asleep unexpectedly and constantly. This happened during the support group meeting, at home during the dinner and writing this posting. It took some energy, especially writing this article, to stay on course.

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2018-06-08 Recovery Day 459

Health wise, today second day after Wednesday’s all-day treatment cycle #5, started of like yesterday with no issues, no signs of dizziness or nausea in the morning. During the day depending on the activity, my back pain increased for a bit, but resting for awhile got the level back to what I call normal.

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Concord Hills Regional Park – Project 365

On my way to Concord I stopped by at Willow Pass Road/Avila Road to take a few photos of the old Concord Naval Weapons Station land that will become Concord Hills Regional Park. 60% of the former base, totaling over 2,600 acres of grasslands, oaks and spectacular views in the hills between Concord and Pittsburg, will become part of the East Bay Regional Park District. The plan for new park is to offer hiking and mountain bike trails, camping, equestrian facilities, preservation of the old Navy buildings, or all of the above. There is also the possibility for a joint visitors center with the National Park Service honoring the history of the Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial.

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