2018-06-20 Recovery Day 471

oday was not a good day. Sleeping was not an issue. However getting up I was hit with dizziness and nausea. I tried to rest to get both symptoms down, but no luck. Therefore I took Zofran and Meclizine, which helped. After taking my morning medication there was enough time before going for my treatment to take some pictures of Margaret’s (Dean’s wife) backyard.

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2018-06-13 Recovery Day 464

For starters today was a bad day. Getting up there were no signs of dizziness or nausea. The pain level in my shoulder was at normal level. After breakfast and taking my medication I started my morning walk earlier because of the heat. Since it is Wednesday I walk alone. After returning home I rested a bit, but within an hour my left shoulder started to hurt.

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2018-05-23 Recovery Day 443

Health-wise things were not good, it started of with a good night sleep, no dizziness and good vitals. Breakfast was fine as well as my morning medication. Since it was the second Wednesday since my last treatment, today was all-day treatment day again. Dean dropped me of at the treatment center. So far, so good. After checking my vitals, taking some blood and connecting the IV to my port the show got on the road with the pre-meds followed with the Zometa infusion. Still things were good.
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2018-05-09 Recovery Day 429

Health-wise every is normal, except for the dizziness. Today is full infusion day at the local Cancer Care Center started at 9:00. Until then I check my vitals and took my medication. I check my backpack to make sure I had all my internet stuff to help me through the 8 hours, before resting for a few minutes.

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2018-04-25 Recovery Day 415

Weather-wise it was a bit cooler then yesterday, it will cool down even more over the next 3 days. Today’s temperature does not matter to me as I am at the cancer center for my all-day treatment. Health-wise every things were back to normal. After breakfast I started to pack my things up that I needed at the center, such as my laptop with power adapter, iPhone with charger, Bose wireless headset, etc. Dean picked me up around 8:40 and dropped me of at the center.

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