2017-05-12 Recovery Day 67

First the good news, last night the case manager for Alta Bates Summit Acute Rehabilitation Center came by doing a pre-evaluation to determine if I am a candidate for their recovery program. The preliminary answer was yes, the final answer will most likely be Monday. Until then, rest, rest and more rest, getting pain management back under control.

The bad news, as the nights before, still having trouble falling asleep because of the delay in getting my final medication on time. We were working on this today, let’s see if we have it now under control.

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Back On-line

It has been almost a year since my last blog entry. The reason for it is (was) very simple, I got extremely busy with my real business, Illumonus. You may have read my blog entries about Business Semantic Interoperability and my idea about building a Business Semantic Thesaurus called LinguMatic, guess what? It is happening! The concept has been proven during an ISO/IEC/ITU/UNECE Proof of Concept in which Illumonus played a major role.

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Business Semantic Interoperability – Part 4 (Final)

In my last post, Business Semantic Interoperability – Part 3, I mentioned before that the preliminary work was almost completed to get the LinguMatic project off the ground. I now have enough content added to the two systems to move forward announcing publicly the availability of the demo systems. It will help me in finding out if there is an interest in making this an Open-Source project.

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Business Semantic Interoperability – Part 3

A quick update on my progress in regard to the work on LinguMatic.

To recap, the LinguMatic project is my effort to create an “open-source” Business Semantic Thesaurus (BST) to address the interoperability issues between eBiz interchange standards (e.g. UN/EDIFACT, UNTDED/ISO7372 and Core Component Library (CCL) and ERP backends (in-house databases).

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Business Semantic Interoperability – Part 2

In part 1 I talked about the technical solutions that are all about interoperability at the interchange level, more precise, at the message standards level.  Sadly, message developers in different standards organizations, such as OASIS (UBL), OAG, GS1 (formally EAN-UCC), SWIFT, UN/CEFACT and ASC X12 , missed the golden opportunity in creating a single standardized core component library (CCL), such as the UN/CEFACT CCL, for globally and cross-sectorial use. Instead we have many libraries, that are based on the ebXML Core Component Technical Specification (CCTS) but are still not 100% interoperable because of flexibility of the specification. Continue reading “Business Semantic Interoperability – Part 2”

Business Semantic Interoperability – Part 1

The latest buzz phrase in the technology world is Interoperability, everyone wants it! The one of special interest to me is business semantic interoperability (BSI). Over the last 20 years lots of resources have been spend on a number of BSI solutions, mostly at the technical layer. Sadly the results have not achieve what was envisioned, nor were the real world interoperability problem ever addressed. Continue reading “Business Semantic Interoperability – Part 1”