2020-01-10 Living with Cancer Day 1038

Date: 2020 January 10, at 06:30:46 PST
Weather: 36°F Clear
Location: 4410 Deermeadow Way, Antioch, CA, United States

Getting up – 06:30:46 PST, 36°F Clear
We decided to get up early to get ready for our train ride to Reno. Doing so we did not need to rush as we had enough time before leaving between 8:00 and 8:15. I even had time to pass my weather data to Steve at KTVU. I collected the required electronic cables and chargers. Dianne had cleaned and dried the CPAD machine, which I picked up.

After having put out what needed to be taken, it was my job to fit it all into one suitcase, using the 20+ years of experience I gained during my international travels.

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2020-01-06 Living with Cancer Day 1034

Date: 2020 January 06, at 07:04:59 PST
Weather: 37°F Clear
Location: 4410 Deermeadow Way, Antioch, CA, United States

Good Morning – 07:04:59 PST
I woke up only to find it was very cold. I decided to stay in bed, checking my mail and send my weather information to Steve at KTVU. He actually showed my tweet during his weather report this morning. I used to send my daily weather reports to him before I got to ill to do so. I hope to do so again.

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2020-01-04 Living with Cancer Day 1032

Date: 2020 January 04, at 07:05:46 PST
Weather: 45°F Mist and Fog
Location: 4410 Deermeadow Way, Antioch, CA, United States

07:05:46 PST – Breakfast in Bed
Dianne surprised me again by bringing breakfast up to bed for both of us. We chatted a bit about yesterday’s visit to UCSF. Before getting up we watched some prerecorded TV shows.

After getting dressed I spent time in my office cleaning things up, which took some time since I did not want to overdo it.

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2020-01-02 Living with Cancer Day 1030

Date: 2020 January 02, at 07:31:10 PST
Weather: 46°F Clear
Location: 4410 Deermeadow Way, Antioch, CA, United States

A New Day – January 2nd

07:30:30 PST – Getting up
I got up at 7:30, a bit earlier since getting back home from UCSF. I did this as of next week I will be alone for a few hours in the morning since Dianne will be at work, which is about 5-10 minutes away. After getting dressed and doing some small tasks I went downstairs for breakfast.

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2019-11-23 Living with Cancer Day 990

Today was a good day! It started at 6:30 with me watching Bayern München vs Fortuna Düsseldorf, which Bayern won 4:0. The game was over 8:15, just in time for me to be dressed and ready to go with Dianne and Denise to San Francisco for the Great Dickens Christmas Fair. This is the 37th Season and 20th Year at the Historic Cow Palace. Inside it is the recreation of Old London, the Docks, Nickelby Road, Victoria & Albert Music Hall, and Fish Street with all it pubs and restaurants serving English as well as other food common during the Dickens Period. Some come for the food, others for the theater plays and/or vendors selling old English Merchandise.

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2019-11-09 Living with Cancer Day 976

Today was another GOOD day, it started with getting up early to have breakfast at Mel’s Diner before going shopping at the Farmers Market in Brentwood. Before going home, we stopped at Walmart to do some more shopping. After getting home and having put away the groceries, etc., Dianne and Denise went back out. I stayed home because my shoulder had cramped up from all that walking around the Farmers Market. I was able to watch the Soccer game of Bayern vs Dortmund, which Bayern won 4:0.

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2019-11-01 Living with Cancer Day 968

Today was a so-so day, which besides being a very busy morning, was also a very cold one, we never got above 45F until about 10:00. I got up at 8:00 to get ready for the 9:00 visit with the Home Care Nurse. She comes by once the week to check things out and puts the access needle back into the power port, so that Dianne can now hydrate me again.

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2019-10-10 Living with Cancer Day 946

Today was a Good Day. After getting downstairs from my morning chores, my sweat issue was back, this time it was a lot of sweat. No stomach issues today, nor dizziness. I took my temperature which was 97.3F, up from 96.41F taken 2 hours before. Since it is Thursday, I collected the garbage before going downstairs. I had a good breakfast, but the sweating did not stop which made it difficult to dress up for my morning walk. As it turns out, Dean informed me that it was very cold and the wind speed was too strong to walk.

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2019-05-19 Living with Cancer Day 806

Today was not a good day, weather and health-wise. I woke up with a temperature of 100.2F. The temperature stayed at 100.2F for the morning. At 09:30 I took 2 Tylenol, which lowered the temperature and kept it in check. For most of the day, I rested and checking my vitals to make sure the temperature did not reach 101.0F

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2019-04-14 Living with Cancer Day 769

Today was another good Day. Being Sunday, I slept in until 9:00. As to my dizziness, and stomach cramps they were hardly noticeable, however, the sweating part was at its highest output. The good news, the sweating did stop after half an hour. For the rest of the day, none of the three problem areas showed up. As to my energy level, it varied depending on my activity. Walking around to take some pictures took quite some energy requiring me to rest to charge my system back up.

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