2019-02-21 – Nature Photography – Trees – Signs of Early Spring, Set 4

Another day without rain, however still cold and very windy. Today Dean and I drove to the crossing of along Lone Tree Way and Williamson Ranch Plaza to take a set of Cherry Blossoms photos, the only area which so far has cherry trees with pink blossoms in bloom.

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2018-08-28 Recovery Day 540

Today was another good day that again started with no dizziness, stomach queasiness or bone pain after getting up. However, my shoulder pain, was at a higher pain level than normally. Also, I still feel the pain on my right side in the area where I fell. Just before lunchtime my shoulder pain and that from the fall on my right side had increased to a level that I was thinking of not attending today’s support group meeting. However, after lunch, both pains had dropped back to a low level that allowed me to attend the meeting.

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2018-04-29 Recovery Day 419

Weather-wise almost identical to yesterday, warm when the sun came out, cold when the clouds covered the sun, add to that the wind which sometimes was very strong. Health-wise the day started of again with some dizziness which disappeared as the morning progressed. Checking my vitals showed they were OK and no change from yesterday. It was time to have breakfast and taking my morning medication. After a small rest we got ready for our Sunday Family Walk.

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