Busy Bees – Project 365

Finally had the time and patients to take some photos of the bees that enjoying our lavender. I started with ISO 400, but ended up with ISO 1000 because of the shade and the dark background inside the lavender. I start to enjoy the Tamron 90mm Marco lens. It is the older version of the Tamron SP AF 90mm F/2.8 Di Macro (272E) that has a lower Dyxum rating. I originally was interested in the Di version, but after reading great reviews about the older version, I got one in excellent condition on eBay for $100, great price compared to the Di version, yet is the same exact design and optics! Continue reading “Busy Bees – Project 365”

Rainy Day Photos – Project 365

This may be the last day of rain for us so I decided to try some rainy day photography using different objects and camera settings to see what turns out best.

The first photo is of a glass having outside that collected some rain drops. I used my Sony SLT 77 with the Sony DT 16–105mm F/3.5–5.6 (SAL–16105) lens. Settings were ISO 400, Full Frame equivalent Focal Length @ 52mm, F/5 & 1/60 sec.

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Going to manual camera mode – Day 2

Day 2 was to be about more shutter speed testing using varying light conditions, and trying to shoot moving objects. The bad news, I had to scale back, the last few days have been too sunny with no cloud cover to try different conditions.

The good news, the water fountain I was planing to use was still on. My plan was to take a picture at 1/250 and one with the slowest shutter speed possible to catch the blur of the water. Here are the results:

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Going to manual camera mode – Day 1

Having left the Auto mode some time ago, using either Aperture or Shutter Priority modes, it is time to take more control of my camera. To do so I will do this in some logic order to ensure I get a full understanding of the many options, their impact and errors I may encounter.

Since practice makes perfect, the first round will be about experimenting with the basic exposure settings:

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