2019-11-17 Living with Cancer Day 984

Today was yet another so-so day, the plan, like yesterday, was to get up earlier to have breakfast with Dieter, or at least up to say goodbye as they are leaving for Valencia (Southern California), a 6-hour drive. I did get up early and was downstairs around 8:30, enough time to talk a bit before seeing them off around 9:00. We got word that they arrived safely at home around 2:00 PM, Dieter is a speed daemon 🙂

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2019-11-10 Living with Cancer Day 977

Today was lazy Sunday morning. I slept in until about 8:30. I got dressed and went downstairs to have some breakfast. Dianne hooked me up to hydration which ended just as it was at lunchtime. Dianne had cleaned my downstairs satellite office (the recliner area). After lunch, I rested a bit since I was running a high temperature of a 99.1F.

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2019-11-09 Living with Cancer Day 976

Today was another GOOD day, it started with getting up early to have breakfast at Mel’s Diner before going shopping at the Farmers Market in Brentwood. Before going home, we stopped at Walmart to do some more shopping. After getting home and having put away the groceries, etc., Dianne and Denise went back out. I stayed home because my shoulder had cramped up from all that walking around the Farmers Market. I was able to watch the Soccer game of Bayern vs Dortmund, which Bayern won 4:0.

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2019-11-08 Living with Cancer Day 975

Today was a so-so day, at 9:00 the Sutter Home Care Nurse came by to do her physical checkup, which takes about 30 minutes. I passed with flying colors. The last thing she does is putting back a new needle into my port for having access. Dianne uses it for my daily hydration, and on treatment day it is used for the IV fluids, and it is also used for blood and platelet transfusions. Without a port, access is a simple needle poke in either the right or left arm with a good artery. With the number of blood draws alone a port is a must.

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2019-11-02/04 Living with Cancer Day 969-971

The last three days have been very busy with lots of things, such as changing my schedule on short notice, all this keeping me very busy, making it hard to write my daily log. Let me assure you that I am OK, hanging in there, doing what the doctors have ordered. The highlight of the weekend was the afternoon concert of James Garner’s Tribute To Johnny Cash at the El Campanil Theatre in downtown Antioch.

I will undergo another Blood Transfusion and get three Zarxio Injections to bust my White Blood Cell.

That’s it for today, I hope to find the time to get back to the more detailed blog by the end of the week.

2019-10-30 Living with Cancer Day 966

Today was another good day, though the night was not. As last week, after each treatment, I would start after going to bed sweat from about 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM from head to toe. Today’s treatment was part 2 of the Kyprolis/Cytoxan treatment week. Next week will be week 3, after which I will be off for week. After that we repeat the whole cycle again. This time we were prepared, learning from last week. Preparing the bed with two large towels, which I change when I had to get up around 2:00 AM.

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2019-10-22 Living with Cancer Day 958

Today as another Good day, mostly spent at the cancer center receiving my first infusion of the new treatment plan. As to the start of the day, it started with a temperature of 100.2F. It stayed that high for most of the morning, by around 11:00 it started out drop, by the time my treatment started it was around 98.3F. As to my morning walk, because of Dean having to take his sister again to the doctor after 9:00, there was no way for Dean to be back before 10:15, we therefore canceled today’s our walk. BTW, Dean will in Texas starting tomorrow, not returning until next week’s Wednesday.

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2019-10-20 Living with Cancer Day 956

Today was not a Good day, yes it was a bad day, but not terrible as the issue was my stomach, which did wanted to settle today. It started early this morning with stomach cramps that would not go away. I had taken Zofan earlier, as every day. But today it did not suppress my stomach cramps. I stayed in bed, dozing off a number of times. By 9:00 clock Dianne gave me some toasted sourdough bread slices, they did settle my stomach a little bit. I got dressed and went downstairs taking my medication and Dianne hooking me up for my daily hydration. Next I retired to my recliner.

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2019-10-16 Living with Cancer Day 952

Today was a Good day. I did not get up as normal because my temperature at 7:20 was 100.0F. I therefore stayed in bed hoping to get the temperature down soon since I had an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner at 10:00 about my next treatment. I was in luck my temperature drop to 98.5F before 9:00. I got up by 9:00 and got ready for Dianne to pick me up for my 10:00 appointment.

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2019-10-06 Living with Cancer Day 942

Today was another Not a Good Day. I got up again round 7:45, with again a hell of a headache, I took some Tylenol which did lower the pain but still left some pressure on top of my head. The headache was not the only issue, I continue to still have pain at the bone marrow locations as well as muscle pain in the hip area. The difference from yesterday’s getting up and this morning’s is that I was back on having used the CPAT device with a different nose mask, which was so much better than the original mask supplied.

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