2020-01-07 Living with Cancer Day 1035

Date: 2020 January 07, at 07:46:07 PST
Weather: 32°F Freezing Fog
Location: 4410 Deermeadow Way, Antioch, CA, United States

Getting Up – 07:46:07 PST – 32°F Freezing Fog
I woke up around 6:30 but stayed in bed until 7:45 since it was just too cold, 34F (1C). Before going downstairs, I did my daily chores and spend some time in my office getting some items I need to use my other smart switches as a gang of two downstairs.

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2019-12-02/31 Living with Cancer Day 999-1028

First the good news, I am back blogging daily starting tomorrow. I am not counting today’s entry as if is more of a recap of most of December.

As to the bad news, I won’t provide a detailed recap for the missing entries, 2-31 December, instead I will provide a general recap of my 21 days at UCSF Medical Center @ Parnassus Heights.

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2019-11-30 Living with Cancer Day 997

Date: 2019 November 29, at 06:30:57 PST
Weather: 43°F to 52F Mostly Cloudy
Location: UCSF Helen Diller MC at Parnassus Heights, San Francisco, CA

Getting started
It is about 6:30 and the night nurse got ready for me to start the day. After taking my vitals I am getting my morning medication. Around 7:00 my FentaNYL patches were changed as well.

Shortly afterward my breakfast arrived, which was very good. Dianne and I went after it for a walk around the ward.

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2019-11-28 Living with Cancer Day 995

Today was THE day! I am not talking about Thanksgiving, however you all have a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍽, enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner.

I am talking about starting my High Dosage of Cytoxan treatment administer over the next four days.

Because of us knowing we would not be together as a family today for our meal, Denise with some help from her mother, preparared a great Thanksgiving dinner, with all the fixings. It was a great dinner with all of us being together having a good time.

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2019-11-22 Living with Cancer Day 989

Today was a so-so day! It started with the Sutter Home Care Nurse came by for her weekly checkup and inserting a new needle into my Power Port for my daily Hydration and Chemo Treatment. She did a checkup, including my vitals, everything was OK. After she left I went for my daily walk with Dean. Since today was a cold day, we walk on the sunny side of the road to have some warmth from the sun help us not to be too cold. Because we were looking where the sun was, our route was different from the days before, we actually walked more that we normally do. At first, I did not feel any different, however, after resting a bit I did start noticing the stiffening of my shoulder.

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2019-11-20 Living with Cancer Day 987

Today was yet another good day! Since I had no appointments, I got up around 8:00 thinking it was Thursday, Garbage collection day, after I was done and downstairs looking at my schedule I noticed my mistake. As to my Dizziness and Stomach cramps it was at a very, very level. I had a small breakfast so that I could take my medication on not an empty stomach. The rest of the morning was walking and shopping with Dean.

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2019-11-19 Living with Cancer Day 986

Today was yet another so-so day! Since I got a 9:00 appointment, I got up around 7:30, only to deal with some Dizziness and Stomach cramps. I ate a small breakfast so that I could take my medication on not an empty stomach. Dianne came at 8:30 to take me for my 9:00 to Sutter Delta MR for a Blood transfusion. It took over an hour before the infusion was started, on the good news side they had other. Breakfast for me and took my lunch order.

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2019-11-18 Living with Cancer Day 985

Today was yet another so-so day! Around 7:15 I checked my Temperature which was normal at 98.8F. However, I was hit by Strong Dizziness and Stomach un-settlement. I could not keep my eyes open and therefore I am staid in bed until about 8:39 since Dianne was going to pick me up and take me to my Dentist for a Crown. It took 2 1/2 hours for making a temporarily crown. In 3 weeks I will get my permanent crown.

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2019-11-17 Living with Cancer Day 984

Today was yet another so-so day, the plan, like yesterday, was to get up earlier to have breakfast with Dieter, or at least up to say goodbye as they are leaving for Valencia (Southern California), a 6-hour drive. I did get up early and was downstairs around 8:30, enough time to talk a bit before seeing them off around 9:00. We got word that they arrived safely at home around 2:00 PM, Dieter is a speed daemon 🙂

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2019-11-10 Living with Cancer Day 977

Today was lazy Sunday morning. I slept in until about 8:30. I got dressed and went downstairs to have some breakfast. Dianne hooked me up to hydration which ended just as it was at lunchtime. Dianne had cleaned my downstairs satellite office (the recliner area). After lunch, I rested a bit since I was running a high temperature of a 99.1F.

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