2019-03-13 Living with Cancer – Day 737

Today was a good day with many challenges. For starters I had to get up very early 6:30, so that Denise could drop me off before 7:30 at the cancer center for my PET/CT. The challenges were to lie still for a number of scan session. Doing so, lying on my back where all my pain points take a bit of doing. However, I made it without the need to redo any scan. Getting back home, I started to feel the various spots that I was lying on, all that I was able to do was resting, which did feel good.

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2019-03-12 Living with Cancer – Day 736

Today was a better day. For starters getting up early was not too bad since this was day two after the time change. I got up at 8:00 with lots of sweating. I had breakfast and got ready for our walk with still sweating and a bit of shoulder pain. I did not feel good after getting back from my walk. Like yesterday I was sweating a lot, my stomach felt like to throw up, and I had pain in shoulder and neck.

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2019-03-09 Living with Cancer – Day 733

Today was a bad day. Things got bad right from the start after getting up. Every one of my pain locations was active. I had taken Dilaudid hours before but it did nothing too in reducing my pain. In addition to the pain, I also had to deal with dizziness and stomach cramps. For the rest of the day the pain, dizziness and stomach cramps hung around at different levels. All I could do was resting and getting up every once in a while.

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2019-03-08 Living with Cancer – Day 732

Today was again not a good day. Things got bad after having had breakfast downstairs. Every one of my pain locations started to get active. I took a Dilaudid which did not do too much in reducing my pain, however, this did not stop me to go for my morning walk with Dean.

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2019-03-06 Living with Cancer – Day 730

Today was not a good day, getting up I was faced with shoulder and lower back pain. After I got downstairs for breakfast my sweating started up and got really bad. To make a long story short, today my energy levels were very low, I start to dose off for periods of 15 to 30 minutes constantly. As to my other pain points, they all became active for a moment when touched or because of a movement. The only positive part was that the dizziness never showed up and my sweating was reduced to a lower level which still was discomfort.

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2019-03-01 Living with Cancer – Day 725

Today, day two after our all-day therapy, was another so-so day, thanks for the Dilaudid I took since yesterday afternoon on a regular schedule. However, Dianne reminded me that the Dilaudid is to be used as a breakthrough relieve, only to be taken when the regular pain medication, in my case the Fentanyl Patch is not doing its job. Since the dosage was just increased, we have to wait to see how it works out. For now, I will stop taking any more Dilaudid unless my pain levels don’t go down.

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2019-02-27 Living with Cancer Day 723

Today was very bad day. I decided last night to continue with taking Dilaudid every 3 hours starting at 9:00 PM. After 3:00 AM most of my pain was gone, except my pain in my shoulder area, which hurt when I turned in my bed. I got up early at 7:00 since I needed to be ready at 8:30 for Dean to take me to the Cancer Center. However, getting dressed was rather painful as suddenly like yesterday all my pain points got active the more I moved. It was so bad That I was not sure I wanted to the Cancer Center for Treatment. I decided to go hoping that at least my resting during the all-day treatment would help.

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2019-02-25 Living with Cancer – Day 721

Today was not a good day, it seems to go in cycles, 2 good days, followed by two bad days, and back to the start with two good days and so on. Today started off with sweat and stomach cramps. The good news my dizziness was very light. As to my shoulder pain, it was at a low level, however, I got two new pain levels, running for under my arm towards my chest (ribcage) on both sides. Resting helped to get the pain level down.

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2019-02-23 Living with Cancer – Day 719

Today was another good day, which was not as good as yesterday’s, but I am not complaining. Still dealing with stomach cramps, sweat, and dizziness. My biggest area of concern that is not going away, is the dizziness. I take the medication for it, which helps to get the level down, but not totally. Next week is treatment week, I will have to tell them about it and see what options are available to get this under better control.

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2019-02-16 Living with Cancer – Day 712

Today was not a good day. I continue to deal all day with the standard symptoms, which today were stronger, especially the dizziness and stomach aches. It will take time to get back to the days without side effects, but for now, my system is fighting the infection. For now, my energy level is at a very low level and to rebuild I need to rest as much as possible and staying away from anything that may infect me with other things.

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