2018-08-27 Recovery Day 539

Today was a good day that started with no dizziness, stomach queasiness or bone pain after getting up. Even the shoulder pain, a result of the spine surgery, was at a low pain level. However, it did feel pain on my right side of the area I fell on yesterday. As the day progress the stiffness did not disappear, actually, my shoulder pain level also increased. I seem to have overdone my activity instead of resting.

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2018-04-08 Recovery Day 398

Today was a very good day. The day started with my stomach acting up a bit, but noting to worry about, toast and tea did do the trick as in past few days. Not sure why this is happening, one day no problem, the next day it is. After a short rest and taking my morning medication, I went for my morning walk. After returning from my walk it was time to fix the new fountain we got last week.

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Mount Diablo hiding in Fog

This set of photos is using the same scene as I did for Day 2, Day 9 and Day 16. However, this time the mountain is not visible because of the fog in the foothills. Looking at the earlier photos, comparing the trees in the middle of the photos allows the comparison to easily see the narrower Field of View (FoV) the 90mm (145mm FF) lens provides.

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Mount Diablo – Take 3

I am continuing with the goal to use different Prime Lens to shoot the same sceneries to allow comparisons between the lenses. This set of photos are using the same scene as I did for Day 2 (2017-01-02) and Day 9 (2017-01-09). Even with the haze around the mountain, one can easily see the narrower Field of View (FoV) the 50mm (75mm FF) lens provides.

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Clouds around Mount Diablo

The goal for this week is besides using a different Prime Lens is to shoot th same sceneries to allow comparisons between the lenses. This set of photos are using the same scene as I did for Day 2 (2027-01-02). One can easily see the wider Field of View (FoV) the 35mm lens provides. However, after two days of using the 35mm (FF) lens I still don’t have the answer which of the two lenses is closer to the humans perceive perspective (central vision). Hopefully after this week I will have that answer,

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Along Empire Mine Road

The first storm ended this morning so I went out before the second one arrives. Because of the heavy clouds I decided to take a trip out to Empire Mine Road, south of Antioch, running east to west of Deer Valley Road. The first one [#1] are Oak Trees east of the Deer Valley and Empire Mine Road junction. The rest are taken about 1/2 mile west of the junction. Normally Mount Diablo would be visible but not today.

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Snow and Clouds on Mount Diablo

Interesting morning, I originally had planned to take a photo of Mount Diablo since it was reported that there was snow on the top of it. As I ventured out to do so I noticed there was no mountain visible, thanks to a heavy low cloud cover. So I turned back trying to figure out plan B. On my way to the new location, I suddenly noticed that there was a break in the cloud cover showing the Mountain with its snow dusting. I quickly turned around and the photos below is what I was able to catch.

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