2019-01-04 Living with Cancer – Day 669

Today was another so-so day, I slept in until 8:00 before going downstairs for breakfast and getting ready for my walk with Dean. My heath issues were almost a repeat of yesterday, I had a bit lightheadedness and some stomach pains. Lucky for me that I had taken my medication before starting my walk. Today was very cold again, so I dressed in layers, which was good. Getting back home I rested and got ready for lunch with my Premenos coworkers.

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2019-01-04 – Landscape Photography, Mount Diablo, Set 4

Continuing with the goal to take pictures of Mount Diablo from new locations, today’s set is taken from the other end of Empire Mine Road at the Deer Valley Road junction. However, thick fog obscured the mountain top, but not enough to make it a guessing game, I, therefore, decided to take enough pictures of the mountain and its surroundings.

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2019-01-03 – Landscape Photography, Mount Diablo, Set 3

Today’s goal was to take Mount Diablo pictures from a new location. Yesterday Dianne and I checked out the Empire Mine Road, which is now a walking trail, from its starting point which is the Mesa Ridge Road junction. We did see Mount Diablo and therefore agreed to use this location for today’s set.

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2019-01-03 Living with Cancer – Day 668

Today was a GOOD day, I slept in until 8:30 before going downstairs for breakfast. I got ready for my walk with Dean. Besides being a bit lightheaded I also had some stomach issues. I took my medication before starting my walk. Since it was very cold, 40F, I dressed in layers, which was good, since at the end of our walk it was only 45F. I stayed at home, resting and be a bit active. The only health-related issue was my lower back pain that took some time to get lower itself to an acceptable level.

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2019-01-01 Back Into Photography

From my Hello & Welcome page you should know that I love taking Landscape pictures. However, due to me being diagnosed with cancer 1 year 10 months ago, spending much time on Landscape photography was no longer an option. I finally have time to start back up to spend some time on it and blog about it.

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2018-08-27 Recovery Day 539

Today was a good day that started with no dizziness, stomach queasiness or bone pain after getting up. Even the shoulder pain, a result of the spine surgery, was at a low pain level. However, it did feel pain on my right side of the area I fell on yesterday. As the day progress the stiffness did not disappear, actually, my shoulder pain level also increased. I seem to have overdone my activity instead of resting.

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2018-04-08 Recovery Day 398

Today was a very good day. The day started with my stomach acting up a bit, but noting to worry about, toast and tea did do the trick as in past few days. Not sure why this is happening, one day no problem, the next day it is. After a short rest and taking my morning medication, I went for my morning walk. After returning from my walk it was time to fix the new fountain we got last week.

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Mount Diablo hiding in Fog

This set of photos is using the same scene as I did for Day 2, Day 9 and Day 16. However, this time the mountain is not visible because of the fog in the foothills. Looking at the earlier photos, comparing the trees in the middle of the photos allows the comparison to easily see the narrower Field of View (FoV) the 90mm (145mm FF) lens provides.

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