2018-08-12 Recovery Day 524

Today was another good day with a repeat of an unexpected complication. This morning after getting up, I suddenly got very dizzy and my stomach got queasy. A repeat of what happened 2 days ago, but today there was no Fentanyl patch change day. So the possible link may not be the reason for both complications. I took immediately Zofran and Meclizine which got it under control. After having just a slice of toast I was ready for my morning walk with Dianne.

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2018-07-14 Recovery Day 495

Today was another so-so day. The good news the new stronger medication kept the diarrhea in check, especially during the night. I still had to get up three times. During the day my stomach would not stop actively rumbling for a lack of a better word. On the negative side, my energy level was rather low. The good news I had no diarrhea during the day. Hopefully it will stay that way during the night and tomorrow.

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