2018-11-09 Recovery Day 613

Today was another so-so day! Starting with the health-related items, the day started with dizziness and stomach issues. My shoulder’s comfort/pain level was at an elevated pain level, then normally at the start of the day. However, no hip or ankle pain. For most of the day, my stomach pain and dizziness did not go away, even with taking the medication as prescribed, if anything it kept it in check, not allowing to take over.

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2018-05-12 Recovery Day 432

Health-wise I finally had a good night sleep. The morning started of great, no dizziness and my vitals were good. I had a good breakfast and was ready for my morning walk. However, all of a sudden, after taking my morning medication, my left side from shoulder to my hand was getting very tight with some light pain.
I decided to go upstairs to lie down for a bit, hoping the tightness would go away. After about an hour or so I start feeling better and ready to go for my morning walk with my wife. Returning back home, my arm’s tightness was almost all gone, what was left was my shoulder’s tightness the result from my spine surgery and something I will have to deal with for most of the rest of my life.

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2018-04-30 Recovery Day 420

Weather-wise we still are in the same pattern we had over the last few days. Health-wise the day started with me having a MRI early in the morning at the local hospital. It lasted almost 2 hours thanks to taking images of my neck (and spine) and hips, once without contrast and again with contrast. After I was done I did have some dizziness which disappeared lasted for most of the day.

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2018-03-02 Recovery Day 361

Today was a good day. The day started with getting up very early for my 7:00 MRI appointment. The MRI went with no problem, the result should be available by Monday. After getting back home, it was time for my morning walk with Dean. We were lucky that we got our walk in between rain showers.

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