2019-08-02 Living with Cancer Day 877

Today was a good day, I had a good night sleep, which helped to get up at my usual time at 6:45. After my upstairs morning routine, I went downstairs for some breakfast and getting my stuff together for my 3 hour Hydration session at the Cancer Center. At the end of my session, I could feel that my energy level has increased. The real test will be on the weekend, which normally were bad days. There is the general idea that it is because of dehydration. The next two days will tell us if that diagnoses is current or not.

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2019-08-01 Living with Cancer Day 876

Today could have been a good day, had it not been for having very little sleep. I again had Neuropathic pain feelings along my left leg from the toe to the hip, my right leg only had in on the complete foot. It started shortly after midnight and ended around 6:30 AM. Dianne put ice on my left leg and both feet around 5:00 AM. It first did not help to lower the pins and needles feeling, however about 30 minutes later it kicked in to lower the feeling by the time I got up at 6:45 AM. It was almost identical to the same Neuropathic pain feelings during yesterday’s Chemo Treatment.

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