2018-06-27 Recovery Day 478

Today was a good day, before getting up I controlled my stomach aches with ZoFran. After my breakfast and morning medication I went for my morning walk without Dean who on Wednesdays is committed to other business. As the pain/discomfort with my shoulder blades and hips, today instead of take some Tylenol to lower the pain level, I have taken Aleve Liquid Gels. Alice, who is a R.N./O.C.N and a friend, visited me yesterday for lunch, during our conversation she recommended to switch from Tylenol to Aleve to see if that helped. Today taken Aleve for the first time seem to have lower the pain level longer then Tylenol had done lately.

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2018-06-25 Recovery Day 476

Today was not a good day, it started with stomach aches that would not go away. After a light breakfast and my morning medication I decided to go for my morning walk, hoping that the walk would help. As it turns out it helped a little bit. However, what I forgot was to take a Zofran which when I finally took it helped for awhile. The aches came back shortly after lunch, as well as a light headache. I also stated to have my shoulder pain back. It was enough for me to shut things down and rest for awhile.

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2018-06-14 Recovery Day 465

For starters today was a good day. The day started like most others, no signs of dizziness or nausea, and the pain level in my shoulder was at normal level. After breakfast and taking my medication I started watching the first half of the World Cups opening game, Russia vs Saudi Arabia. After that it was time for my morning walk with Dean. Before going into the details of my activities today, let me finish my health status during the day.

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2018-06-10 Recovery Day 461

For starters today was not a good day. Getting up there were no signs of dizziness or nausea. However, there was pain everywhere, upper and lower back, hip, knee and foot joints. In the past walking would help lowering the pain, not today. Trying to rest did not help. In addition to the pain, I would have stomach pains every once in awhile.

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2018-05-31 Recovery Day 451

Health-wise things did improved. Getting up without any signs of dizziness or nausea. I had my Breakfast and morning medication about 30-45 minutes later. My shoulder was at a normal level and no hip nor no bone pain at all, which was good. However, around mid-afternoon I had some light dizziness or nausea until I move around a bit more.

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2018-03-13 Recovery Day 372

Today was a better day then yesterday, but still not a good day. Like yesterday there is not much to write about. Again, like yesterday I did not get out of bed until 08:30 because of stomach pains that started at 4:00. After getting up I got ready for my morning walk with Dean. We were lucky that the rain had stopped for our walk. After returning from our walk I had a shower and got ready for the Cancer Support Group meeting.

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2018-03-06 Recovery Day 365

Today was another good day. The day started of with a good breakfast follower by a Skype call with Fran├žois. After the call, Dean and I walked as we do every weekday. The temperature this morning was like yesterday, very cold. Getting back home I had a FaceTime call with Ray. After the call I spend some time resting before getting ready for lunch.

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2018-02-18 Recovery Day 349

Today was another so-so day. Like yesterday, after getting up I noticed dizziness and lightheadedness. I took the medication for it so that I could eat my breakfast and go with Dianne and Denise as planned to IKEA. Being a long weekend and Sunday the traffic was very light. The trip to IKEA was mainly for Denise since she needed a few things for work that only IKEA has. I just went for the walk along, yes walk, since walking through IKEA is almost as long as my morning walk.

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