2019-09-17 Living with Cancer Day 923

Today was *** not a good*** day. I had to get up very early for my 7:00 whole body PET/CT. The procedure starts with me being injected a radiated sugar solution. After that I have to wait about an hour for the solution to spread through my body. Finally, I get to lie down on the PET/CT slap, get position right. Since the room is very cold, I am covered in layers of blankets. The whole scan took about an hour. By the time I got back home almost 3 hours have gone by. Lying on that slap for an hour with very little cushioning was not good for my neck, shoulder and back. In addition, my stomach started to act up, I therefore decided to go back to bed and have a sleep until noon.

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2019-09-11 Living with Cancer Day 917

Today was a bad day. My day started off with stomach cramps, lightheadedness, and a light fever. In additions, I started to encounter heavy periods of sweating that lasted anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes. My vitals were, Blood Pressure 137/78 Pulse 62 and a temperature of 99.1F. Because of the high temperature, stomach cramps, sweating and lightheadedness I skip walking today, which as it turns our was not a bad decision. As I started to walk around inside the problem with the pain below my right hip, possible muscle pain, made it difficult to walk. The pain disperses when sitting down or resting in the recliner.

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2019-03-13 Living with Cancer – Day 737

Today was a good day with many challenges. For starters I had to get up very early 6:30, so that Denise could drop me off before 7:30 at the cancer center for my PET/CT. The challenges were to lie still for a number of scan session. Doing so, lying on my back where all my pain points take a bit of doing. However, I made it without the need to redo any scan. Getting back home, I started to feel the various spots that I was lying on, all that I was able to do was resting, which did feel good.

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2018-11-08 Recovery Day 612

Today was another so-so day! Starting with the health related items, the day started off without any dizziness, stomach issues or hip and ankle pains. My shoulder’s comfort/pain level was at a very low level. However, after my photo session I noticed some stomach issues and dizziness, which may be due to the PET/CT’s contrast fluid I got injected. Resting for the rest of the afternoon and taking the Zofran medication seemed to bring it back down.

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2018-05-12 Recovery Day 432

Health-wise I finally had a good night sleep. The morning started of great, no dizziness and my vitals were good. I had a good breakfast and was ready for my morning walk. However, all of a sudden, after taking my morning medication, my left side from shoulder to my hand was getting very tight with some light pain.
I decided to go upstairs to lie down for a bit, hoping the tightness would go away. After about an hour or so I start feeling better and ready to go for my morning walk with my wife. Returning back home, my arm’s tightness was almost all gone, what was left was my shoulder’s tightness the result from my spine surgery and something I will have to deal with for most of the rest of my life.

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2018-05-08 Recovery Day 428

Health-wise it was a normal, but early, start. I had to get up about 30 minutes earlier due to having a 7:00 appointment for a PET scan. AS with every morning the last week I had a bit of dizziness which I got under control of with Zofran. Due to my PET this morning I had to skip breakfast. Denise took dropped me of for my PET before she went to work herself.

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2018-01-22 Recovery Day 322

Today was a better day, weather-wise the day started with light rain and cold temperatures in the morning. It changed to light showers and by end of day it was mostly cloudy. Health-wise, no bone pain which helped since I had an early appoint for a PET/CT scan that lasted 2 1/2 hours, of which 45 minutes are used for scanning and the rest for preparation.

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