2017-08-09 Recovery Day 156

I don’t know what it is, but every day turns out different then envisioned. Today was to be somewhat busy, in the morning Physical Therapy and at lunch a visit from a Electrician to add an outdoor outlet close to where our lawn chairs are. It started of not to bad, helping with breakfast, that is when it started, back pain and some pain in my right upper leg/buttocks area. I was sure I could get rid of it long before leaving for the PT. I was wrong, the pain got worse, so bad that I had to retire with an ice back upstairs.

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2017-08-08 Recovery Day 155

Today started of totally different. After getting up and going downstairs I felt dizziness that forced me to sit down. Minutes later I also encountered stomach crams. I took some Zofran hoping for the stomach pains to go away. After Dianne went to work I decided to go back upstairs to rest. By 8:00 AM my dizziness was gone and my stomach pain was almost gone, I started to feel better. I had my Skype call with Francois and afterwards I went downstairs.

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2017-08-07 Recovery Day 154

Today is officially day one of no chemo treatment. It is the start of the cleansing period before the stem cell collection. I also hope that it is the start of the chemo medication’s side effects are slowly disappearing.

Like the days before my shoulder-back-shoulder, upper leg/buttocks and foot pains give me all the problem from moving around freely. Sometimes, right after getting up in the morning, I encounter dizziness that requires me to take Meclizine. In addition, in the early morning I sometimes are faced with stomach pains which go away with taking Zofran.

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2017-08-06 Recovery Day 153

Like yesterday there is not much to write as it is a repeat of yesterday, with only the pain being different. The only pain I had this morning was the upper leg/buttocks and foot pain. In addition to the pain, I did have at the beginning of the morning some stomach pain and dizziness. Both stayed around for most of the morning. Around 10:00 Dianne and I spend some time outside in the lawn chairs enjoying the early sunshine and light breeze. Both helped my stomach pain and dizziness which disappeared. I stayed outside until lunch time.

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2017-08-05 Recovery Day 152

There is not much to write about today’s morning. The only pain I had was the shoulder-back-shoulder pain. In addition to the pain I did have at the start of the morning some stomach pain and dizziness, both disappeared shortly after breakfast. After breakfast I spend some time outside in the lawn chair enjoying the early sunshine and light breeze. After about an hour Dieter and I took our new car for an oil change and checking out some of the Dealers new cars. After returning home, I help Dieter and Dianne fix a few things around the house. This kept us busy until Lunch.

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2017-08-03 Recovery Day 150

This morning was very different from the last few mornings. For starters my shoulder-back-shoulder pain and upper leg/buttocks and foot pain were back. I was able to prepare breakfasts for Dianne and me, but that was it, I had to go and rest right afterwards. One of the things I do every day after having prepared the breakfasts, is to take my vitals. Today my temperature was at 100.4F, which is considered a light fever. Taking some Tylenol got the temperature down but I still have stomach pains. However, it did not stop me from having my weekly Skype session with Francois.

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2017-08-02 Recovery Day 149

Today was another busy morning. After getting up, having breakfast, it was time to get ready for the Docent Delta News and Coffee Talk down at the Big Break Visiting Center. Since I am not allowed to drive, Ed Valenzuela a fellow Docent, had agreed to pick me up and later drop me off. It was great to get outside again, and even better to join the get-together talking about the future impact of global warming on our water supply. The whole outing took 2 1/2 hours. Pain wise the only pain that I felt was my shoulder-back-shoulder pain.

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2017-07-18 Recovery Day 134

Getting up this morning I felt none of the upper leg/buttocks, foot pain and shoulder-back-shoulder surgery pains. By the time I got downstairs and had helped with the breakfast my shoulder-back-shoulder pains were back again. Since I had a 9:00 Physical Therapy session, I rested in my recliner to reduce the pain level.

The Physical Therapy session turned out to be a good one. I got answers to my questions and modifications, alternate way, to two of my exercises. Most of the time was spend applying deep soft tissue mobilization on my shoulder-back-shoulder area to loosen up my muscles. It really works, sadly only for a few hours.

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