Nothing But Clouds – Project 365

Today’s set is all about clouds shots in Portrait mode. I got the idea from the new David Taylor book, "Mastering Landscape Photography.’ BTW, it is a great book! I used the wide-angle with limiting the foreground to the foothills. Again, I have a favored shot in this set, the one using the powerlines and street markings to add some centering to it.
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Downtown Pittsburg, CA – Project 365

Today I went downtown Pittsburg to take some more portrait shoots. Since the corner of East 5th Street and Railroad Avenue has some nice stone work, which serves as entrance to a small park, I used some of that as the foreground for capturing the northern part of Railroad Avenue. I also utilized in the last photo some of the decorative grass as foreground. This last photo is what I consider my best picture so far in my efforts to use the vertical (portrait) orientation for landscape photography.
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Downtown Antioch, CA – Project 365

I was reminded that I don’t seem to shoot in portrait orientation, which is true. Thinking about it, it seems natural for our brain to prefer landscape orientation since that is how we see things. However, since Project 365 is all about learning and experimenting, I decided that this week I will shoot in portrait orientation only.
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