2017-05-20 Recovery Day 75

There is a lot of good news to report for today. For starters I had a good night of sleep. The good news started with the great omelette I had to start my day. As part of my OT exercises I had a shower. My shoulder pain seems to be under control using a water heating pad. I should also not forget that Dianne was here since she stayed overnight. Her present was more than welcome since she helped with everything that she has been doing for me since my diagnoses.

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2017-05-18 Recovery Day 73

First the good news, sadly there isn’t that much to report. I was very much ready to have a successful OT/PT Day, but it all came crumpling down before my first OT session. The reason for all of this was a pain attack that set back the progress we had made in pain management. It is difficult for me to explain the why behind it, the only thing I understand is that we needed to make some adjustments to the OT/PT sessions.

The bad news, I believe we covered the bad part under the good news.

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