2019-03-07 Living with Cancer – Day 731

Today was again not a good day, I got up a bit late at 8:30. No issues. Things got bad just 10 minutes before the start of my walk, the sweat return at a high level, I started to feel a bit dizzy and all my pain points started up, last but not least my stomach cramps returned. I took my medication for the dizziness and stomach issues and took two Tylenol.

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2019-03-05 Living with Cancer – Day 729

Today was a so-so day, getting up I was faced with dizziness, lower back pain, and sweating. After breakfast, my sweating was really bad as it reached max level. On the positive side, thanks to resting, the sweating stop and the dizziness and lower back pain were reduced enough for me to go on my morning walk.

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2019-03-03 Living with Cancer – Day 727

Today was a better day, I still have had some light stomach cramps and encountered some Dizziness. As to my shoulder pain, it increased as the day progressed, however, it was not bad enough to take some Dilaudid. Getting up around 8:00 I had a light breakfast with tea before I encounter my dizziness to increase. I instead rested for the day to see what tomorrow will bring.

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2019-02-25 Living with Cancer – Day 721

Today was not a good day, it seems to go in cycles, 2 good days, followed by two bad days, and back to the start with two good days and so on. Today started off with sweat and stomach cramps. The good news my dizziness was very light. As to my shoulder pain, it was at a low level, however, I got two new pain levels, running for under my arm towards my chest (ribcage) on both sides. Resting helped to get the pain level down.

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2019-02-11 Living with Cancer – Day 707

Today was a bad day. For the most part of today, I had to deal with the same problems I had yesterday, dizziness and stomach issues. Also like yesterday, in addition after walking, I had to deal with the pain of my stiff neck. Resting was the best medicine for getting the various problem areas under control.

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2019-02-08 Living with Cancer – Day 704

Today was a good day. For the most part, there was no dealing with stomach cramps, dizziness, sweating and lack of concentration. After breakfast, I rested until 10:00 to go for my morning walk at a temperature of 50F. As to my health issues, for most of the day I had, I had almost no issues with stomach cramps and dizziness, sweating and, a lack of concentration. I said for the most part, since there were a very few times that one of them showed up, but it was at a very low level not needed attention and lasting not more than 15 minutes.

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2018-12-20 Our Christmas Decorations, Set 8, Nutcracker Set 2

Today was another Good day again with no health-related issue, my stomach cooperating for the most part of the day. My shoulder pain/discomfort still is present, today for the whole day, with a variant level between 3 and 7. However, one new issue, which started about a week ago, is sweating when being active, and even more when I stop. I am known to sweat easily, but this is nothing, it is only from the top of my head. Guess this is sometimes of side effect to be mention to my doctors.

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2018-12-04 Recovery Day 638

Another bad day. Health-wise the day started with a high temperature, 99.8F, that never variated by more than 2F. I stayed in bed until 9:00, at with time I went downstairs and had a multi-grain bagel for breakfast. I rested for the whole day, having around lunch some stomach pain that lasted for about 2 hours. I also encountered some wet-sweat at the start of the high temperature around 6:00 AM.

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