2018-10-14 Recovery Day 587

Today was another great day, with a slow start. I did not sleep to well last night, getting up this morning was a bit slow as I did not feel too good. I only eat some toast with my camomile tea. The good news, it started feeling better as time progressed. For most of the day, I have had no dizziness, stomach issues, back or bone pain. Shortly before dinner my hips and shoulders started to hurt more than normal. It might be the result of being overactive this afternoon.

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2018-09-23 Recovery Day 566

Another excellent day, with no dizziness, stomach problems, bone or back pain. One may argue that I have reached the end of the road to recovery now that I have so many excellent days. It is not that simple since full recovery would mean as a minimum that I can do all my physical activities without any restrictions or pain. For now, and the last 566 days that has not been the case, nor will it in the near future, therefore I am still on the road to recovery.

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2018-07-28 Recovery Day 509

Today was another good day. Sleeping was not perfect as I was up every 2 hours. Being Saturday I slept in to almost 7:00. Since I have had no diarrhea for the last 36 hours I had a normal breakfast of Belgian waffle with strawberries. The rest of the day was without any signs of diarrhea or other stomach related pains.

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2018-07-27 Recovery Day 508

Today was a good day. Sleeping was OK no diarrhea not even after getting up at 6:30. It seemed to be repeat of yesterday with my first Bow Movement (BM) which was almost regular just before Breakfast. For Breakfast I had my regular bun with strawberry and rhubarb jam. I took the 3 pills of the special medication after breakfast. Like yesterday, for the rest of the day I had no further BM. As to my cancer linked pains, all I felt today was some pain on both of my shoulder blades.

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2018-07-18 Recovery Day 499

2018-07-18 Recovery Day 499

Today was a great day. After good sleep I got up and my breakfast. Pain wise I only had the discomfort of my spine/Back surgery. Being treatment day I went outside and took a few PICTURES of the sun rays peeking through trees etc. Getting back in I took my morning medication and got ready for Dean picking me up at 8:45 to drop me of at the cancer center.

BTW, as to the source of my diarrhea, my primary oncology doctor is absolutely sure it is the Pomalyst (chemo) drug. The plan is to reduce the dosage and see if that works.

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2018-07-10 Recovery Day 491

Today was almost a good day. The bad news, the diarrhea was back! The good news it was not as bad as before where I had to go every hour. Today I only had to go 4 times and it was more solid then before. However, I stayed on the special BRAT diet. The diarrhea was only present from about 11:00 to 17:00.

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2018-07-07 Recovery Day 488

Today was not a good day. It all started last night when I woke up because of diarrhea a side effect
I did go for my morning walk with Dean, but it was limited to be close to the house in case I needed to rush home. I was somewhat lucky since I was able to walk for about 30 minutes and even took some PICTURES.

The rest of the day I rested, taking my medication and followed the BRAD diet. For dinner I had banana slices on toast. Hopefully I will have recovered enough to be able to have a good night sleep.

That is it for today, in summary, the day was overall a bad day.

Picture of the Day

2018-07-07 – Pictures that contain blue

2018-07-04 Recovery Day 485

Today was another good day, which again started with a good sleep. Like yesterday I got up early around 7:00 and had a good breakfast Dianne had made. Health wise no complaints, no stomach problems and no bone pains, only a little bit shoulder discomfort.

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2018-07-03 Recovery Day 484

Today was a good day, which started with a good sleep. I got up the regular time, Dianne made us a good breakfast. Carsten and I got ready for our walk with Dean. Health wise no complains, no stomach problems or bone pains, only my shoulder discomfort. I rested, if that is what you can called it, for most of the day, the Chaise Lounge Chair, doing some little things, including working on my computers remotely.

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