2018-08-09 Recovery Day 521

Today was a good day with no side effects or pains (the exception being the surgery related shoulder pain). Since I was very active in the morning, I was surprised to learn that I was able to control my pain effectively. I did, however, require lots of rest in the afternoon.

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2018-08-01 Recovery Day 513

Health wise today was another good day. No real pain, except for the new needle and pins pain on my right side that shows up when I bend. No hip pain during my walk today. Now that the diarrhea is gone, I will start again with taking Pomalyst, the chemo pill. Activity wise I had a good day which started off on the wrong foot. As to my photos, they are different as I started with something new.

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2018-07-31 Recovery Day 512

Today was another good day. We can take sleeping of the list, unless it becomes an issue again. The same goes for breakfast unless there is something special. What is left is the report about any pains during the day. Yesterday I mentioned a new pain location which is still here today, right side of my hip to the top of my shoulder. Also during today’s walk, shortly after starting my left hip hurt, it lasted for about 30 minutes, after which it was o longer present.

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2018-07-19 Recovery Day 500

Today was another great day. The morning is a repeat of yesterday, after good sleep I got up had my breakfast. Pain wise I only had the discomfort of my spine/Back surgery, which was at a lower level and for most of the day stayed there. Being the first day after treatment it is always a good day with no side effect problems. We will know more tomorrow.

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2018-07-04 Recovery Day 485

Today was another good day, which again started with a good sleep. Like yesterday I got up early around 7:00 and had a good breakfast Dianne had made. Health wise no complaints, no stomach problems and no bone pains, only a little bit shoulder discomfort.

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2018-06-22 Recovery Day 473

Today was another great day. The day started with our bed moving around 12:41 AM thanks to a 3.4 Earthquake in Oakley, about 10 miles from our place. I got up at 7:00 with no signs of dizziness, had a light breakfast before taking my morning medication. Again, like yesterday the goal was to leave at 8:30 instead of 9:00 to beat the heat.

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2018-06-19 Recovery Day 470

Today was another good day. I continue to be able to sleep well. Getting up there were no signs of dizziness, nausea or excess pain in my shoulder and hips. Since the forecast for today called for high heat, our plan is to leave earlier, shortly after breakfast. We left for the DOW wetland shortly after 8:00.

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2018-06-18 Recovery Day 469

Today was a good day. It started with being able to sleep last night. Getting up there were no signs of dizziness, nausea or excess pain in my shoulder and hips. After Breakfast I went with Dean across the Antioch Bridge onto Sherman Island via Highway 160. We turned of the main road onto W. Sherman Island Rd to go towards the end to see the Windsurfers.

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2018-05-27 Recovery Day 447

Health-wise things have turned around. I still had dizziness after getting up which I got under control with Meclizine. However I played it safe by having toast and tea for breakfast. On the positive side there was no shoulder, hip and bone pain. Dieter, Carsten and my wife joined me for my morning walk at Contra Loma Regional Park. I enjoyed the walk, specially since I was pain free.

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2018-05-21 Recovery Day 441

Health-wise I guess having had so many good days, they had to come to an end. It started with a night of very little sleep. I got up about every hour, but could not fall back into a good sleep. Finally getting up at my regular time, 06:30, I had dizziness, back pain and shoulder pain, none reducing over time as normally. Back to my morning routine, I had some toast with Camille tea for starters, followed by my morning medication to get ready for my morning walk with Dean.
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