2018-03-13 Recovery Day 372

Today was a better day then yesterday, but still not a good day. Like yesterday there is not much to write about. Again, like yesterday I did not get out of bed until 08:30 because of stomach pains that started at 4:00. After getting up I got ready for my morning walk with Dean. We were lucky that the rain had stopped for our walk. After returning from our walk I had a shower and got ready for the Cancer Support Group meeting.

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2017-08-16 Recovery Day 163

If you have not read yesterday’s posting, please do, otherwise you may not understand what I am about to report.

Before I update you about the additional Cyclophosphamide, also called Cytoxan infusion I am going to receive, let me update you about my pain.

Today was another good day, just like yesterday, because the only pain I had was the shoulder-back-shoulder pain which came in various pain levels. I also had no the morning sickness (dizziness and quizziness).

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2017-08-13 Recovery Day 160

Today was the day, the best day of my recovery. Hardly any signs of morning sickness (dizziness and quizziness), just some shoulder-back-shoulder pain when I do to much. The day started of with a good breakfast and a 20 minute walk afterwards along the front of our house. After that I spend a few hours resting in the backyard. The rest of the morning I spend in my office sorting to a pile of paper work. Looking at the pile, it does not look like I made any progress in my task, but I know I did. Not to over do it, I quit at lunch time.

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2017-08-12 Recovery Day 159

Today was good day! The morning started of with almost no dizziness and little bit of stomach quizziness. Both were not enough to stop me to go out for breakfast with Dianne and Denise. After breakfast I had to go to my Eye Examine appointment. Since my vision change a bit and I felt good, no upper leg/buttocks pain, we decided to go and get our new eye glasses ordered. I said we, because Dianne and Denise also had their eyes checked a few weeks before me. I too had an appointment when thy had theirs, but had to cancel mine because of pain related problems that day.

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2017-07-30 Recovery Day 146

Today is not only Sunday, but also my last day of chemo. What is left is the last pill of Revlimid. Starting tomorrow, no more chemo, be it BMO or via infusion. Now my system needs to get rid of all the chemo stuff over the next four weeks. The reason being that in four weeks I start the stem cells collection. By having cleaned out most chemo stuff there will be more good stem cells for collection.

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2017-07-27 Recovery Day 143

Today things turned out very different. For starters, getting up was no different then the last few days. However, getting downstairs things changed, I was not able to fix breakfast due to sudden pain and dizziness showing up. As far as I can make it out, this pain is from the root canal and Physical Therapy. I also started to have a light fever. It was time to go back upstairs and rest. By mid-morning the fever was gone and the pain slowly disappeared. I stayed upstairs until lunch, at which time I went back downstairs.

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2017-07-20 Recovery Day 136

Getting up this morning I still had some dizziness from yesterday to overcome. However, it did slowly disappear and instead My lower back started to hurt. I slowly moved upstairs into my office getting ready for my 8:00 AM conference call with some of my colleagues. As to my pain, it was not good, first my lower back, and later the shoulder pain. I took my 9:00 Dilaudid at 9:30. Guess what, I got dizzy again. I immediately rested to get the dizziness down and the shoulder pain to slowly drop.

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