2019-11-06 Living with Cancer Day 973

Today was a good day, it started with Dean and me having our morning walk. Right afterward Dean drove me to the Cancer Center for my second Zarxio Injection. It took only a few minutes, we then drop by the UPS store to return something to Amazon for exchange. We had a busy morning, our next stop was downtown Antioch as we look for a store by the name “As Is” however, the only store that was on the map was called “Nifty As Is”. Getting to the address the store was empty, making a phone confirm the store was out of business. The good news, we did a lot of walking.

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2018-09-15 Recovery Day 558

Today was a good day, that did not start off too well. Getting up I encountered stomach queasiness that lasted for a few hours. However, I had no dizziness or back pain. I did have all day some on and off bone pain in my right side, hip and knee. However, overall it was a good day even with limited issues in the morning. This is the third day after my full-day treatment and in the past, Saturday and Sunday were really bad days. Today was nothing like it was in the past.

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