2019-11-20 Living with Cancer Day 987

Today was yet another good day! Since I had no appointments, I got up around 8:00 thinking it was Thursday, Garbage collection day, after I was done and downstairs looking at my schedule I noticed my mistake. As to my Dizziness and Stomach cramps it was at a very, very level. I had a small breakfast so that I could take my medication on not an empty stomach. The rest of the morning was walking and shopping with Dean.

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2019-11-09 Living with Cancer Day 976

Today was another GOOD day, it started with getting up early to have breakfast at Mel’s Diner before going shopping at the Farmers Market in Brentwood. Before going home, we stopped at Walmart to do some more shopping. After getting home and having put away the groceries, etc., Dianne and Denise went back out. I stayed home because my shoulder had cramped up from all that walking around the Farmers Market. I was able to watch the Soccer game of Bayern vs Dortmund, which Bayern won 4:0.

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2019-11-07 Living with Cancer Day 974

Today was another good day, like yesterday it started with Dean and me having our morning walk followed with Dean drive me to the Cancer Center for my third and last Zarxio Injection. Afterward, we went to Kaiser Permanente for Dean to have his Labs drawn. It took more than the 15 minutes, Dean had said it would. Normally on Thursday, there is a Farmers Market, it seemed it is closed for the season.

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2019-10-08 Living with Cancer Day 944

Today was a Good Day. My day starts always the same, get up around 7:30, do my morning chores before going downstairs. Once downstairs, I check my vitals, have breakfast, and get ready for my morning walk.

Depending on my health issues, such as neck/shoulder pains, severe stomach cramps or high fever, only to mention a few, I may not walk, either way I will rest until I feel better and are able to do what I may had planed for the morning and afternoon.

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2019-10-04 Living with Cancer Day 940

Today was another OK Day. I got up round 7:30, did my morning chores before going downstairs for having breakfast and getting ready for Dean to take me to my 9:00 appointment for having my Zarxio injection to boost the production of my white cells. After the injection Dean and I decided to do some window shopping in downtown Walnut Creek, getting back home by not later than 11:30.

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2019-09-26 Living with Cancer Day 932

Today was a good day. I got up at my normal time up to do my morning routine. I was having some light dizziness, and my shoulder/neck pains were at a very low levels, but no stomach cramps. Everything else was fine. I had a light breakfast and was ready for my morning walk with Dean. My vitals at start of day were: BP 127/76 P72, T 97.7F, SPO2 98% P78 PI6.0.

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2019-09-14 Living with Cancer Day 920

Today was not a bad day. It started off with getting up at my regular time, 7:15 to be ready at 8:30 for my morning walk with Dean. Today’s walk was a bit longer, something that has not happened over the last few days. The increase is only about 5 minutes, but that is better than nothing. However, getting back inside, I did feel that my back pain had increased since I started the walk. It took me about 15 minutes to get the pain level back down.

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2019-08-25/26/27/28 Living with Cancer Day 900/901/902/903

The craziness has continued for another 4 days. It started off on the good side. I was active helping Dianne in the garden for most of the day, however, late afternoon my system broke down again, so bad Dianne took back to the hospital. It turned out I was dehydrated again, so on Monday after a good deal of blood test, X-Ray of chest, I got hydrated and scheduled for a blood transfusion, after I was ready to be discharged.

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2019-08-22/23/24 Living with Cancer Day 897/898/899

Quick note to let you know that I am OK. The reason for not having posted for the last three days was that we were very busy. On the positive side, my pain and discomfort levels were low enough for me to be more active than ever. Added to that, that my test results were also very good, including the antibiotic treatment numbers got were they are to be between 2 and 5, which with 3.7 is perfect, instead of 8.2. All this together gave me the energy for the last three days to be a bit more active.

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2019-07-26 Living with Cancer Day 872

Today was the second day after Chemo Treatment day, which should have been based on based cycles should have been a very good day. However, like yesterday it turned out to be a so-so day, if not a bad day.

Getting up, I had the usual light dizziness, stomach ache, and sweating. Starting my upstairs with my morning routine the pain level of my shoulder and lower back pain increased to the point that I ad to rest for about 15 minutes before going downstairs.

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