2020-06-13 Living With Cancer – Day 1796

I had a good sleep and woke up with my pain levels in the normal range, which is two for my lower back and three for my shoulders. These levels stayed for the rest of the morning. The levels increased with my walking at IKEA. The increase was not very large however I did walk for about an hour. The levels return back to normal after starting our return driving in the car. For the rest of the day the levels changed very little staying mostly at the normal level.

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2020-06-11 Living With Cancer – Day 1794

My pain levels waking up this morning were three for my lower shoulders and two for my lower back. It stayed this way until the start of my morning walk. At the end of the walk the levels had increased to four and three for my shoulders and back. After a short rest they returned to three and two.

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2020-06-10 Living With Cancer – Day 1893

Waking up my lower shoulder and upper lower back where both at level three and stayed that way getting up and during my walk. They increased to a level four, for a short period at end of my walk. Resting and getting hydration reduced the pain levels to three for the shoulder and to two for the lower back. These pain levels stayed that way for the rest of the day.

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2020-06-08 Living With Cancer – Day 1891

Today, after a good night sleep I woke up with my shoulder pain location having moved a bit lower with a level of four. The lower back pain level was at one. After breakfast the pain levels increased to five and two for a short time, until I got dressed when they dropped to three and one. After my visit to the cancer center the levels raised again by one point.

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2020-06-07 Living with Cancer – Day 1780

Today, after a good night’s sleep, I woke up with my shoulder at a pain level four and my lower back at a level three. After breakfast, the pain levels drop to three and two respectively. The pain stayed that way for most of the day, increased when active, and dropping when resting.

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2020-06-06 Living with Cancer – Day 1779

Today’s pain was very different. Starting after waking up, my back pain was already at level three. The shoulder blade pain had moved to the center of my back, more along the spine line, with a level of five. In addition, I had abdomen pain for a short time at a level three. The back and spine pain stayed around for most of the day at a level three when resting. Moving around in general with increases of one pain point.

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2020-06-05 Living With Cancer – Day 1778

Pain wise it was not a good start, woke up around 2:30am with pain at level 6 in my left foot, lasting about 2 hours. The pain levels after getting up were higher than yesterday, 2 for my lower back and 5 for my shoulders. The levels dropped during my walk and for the rest of the day stayed between 1-2 for the lower back and 3 to 4 for the shoulder plates. Overall not a bad day for pain.

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2020-06-04 Living with Cancer – Day 1777

Like yesterday, I woke up with my shoulder blade pain at a level 3 and lower back a level 1. During the day, when active, the shoulder pain increased up to a level 4 and the lower back pain increased up to level 2. The main reason for the lower levels during the day was because I spend most of the time sitting. Upon resting for awhile, the lower back pain even dropped to a level 0, for a short period of time.

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