My Landscape Photographic Workflow

There are only seven days left in 2016 signaling the start of another Project 365. As mention in my posting Getting ready for Project 365 (2017), my goal for this project is to concentrate only on Nature photography. Nature photography covers a wide range of photography taken outdoors and devoted to displaying natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of natural scenes and textures.

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Catching some Rain – Project 365

Today we got some unusual “June” rain preventing me to seeking out another trail to walk on. So instead I tried catching some rain related event, such as water coming out of a rain gutter downspout. These four photos were taken at different shutter speeds to see if I can catch separate water drops. To do so at the faster end I had to bump up the ISO to 16000 ignoring the picture noise for this test.
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Going to manual camera mode – Day 2

Day 2 was to be about more shutter speed testing using varying light conditions, and trying to shoot moving objects. The bad news, I had to scale back, the last few days have been too sunny with no cloud cover to try different conditions.

The good news, the water fountain I was planing to use was still on. My plan was to take a picture at 1/250 and one with the slowest shutter speed possible to catch the blur of the water. Here are the results:

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Going to manual camera mode – Day 1

Having left the Auto mode some time ago, using either Aperture or Shutter Priority modes, it is time to take more control of my camera. To do so I will do this in some logic order to ensure I get a full understanding of the many options, their impact and errors I may encounter.

Since practice makes perfect, the first round will be about experimenting with the basic exposure settings:

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