2019-01-21 Living with Cancer – Day 686

Today was a very bad day, it was so bad by the end of the day that I was not able to finish my work on the Living with Cancer and Photography blog entries until today.

The day started off OK, but it did not take long for the status to change quickly to bad. My shoulder was the first to start with tightening up which also started to hurt. In the past, I would take some Tylenol for the pain, which did nothing today. Next was my stomach, besides the pain, my mouth was filled with some bad metallic taste. I have had this before and was told that it is a side effect mostly from the chemo treatment. Guess I will have to live with it for now.

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2019-01-21 – Landscape Photography, Mount Diablo, Set 8

Another day trying to take pictures of Mount Diablo from another location that was not used before. I decided to revisit the Marsh Creek Reservoir, the first time I went Mount Diablo was not visible because of Haze. Vicky, our ex-neighbor, suggested this location for a number of reasons. In addition to Mount Diablo, I also took some PICTURES of the Marsh Creek Reservoir.

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2019-01-18 Living with Cancer – Day 683

Today was another so-so day, which seems to be for now a routine day. Taking my Zofran (Stomach) and Meclizine (Dizziness) around 3:00 to 4:00 AM as a preventive measure seems to be working very well. However I still have to deal with the sweating side effect, flushing the radiation toxin when being a bit active. There is no real trigger, the one I can repeat is walking up the stairs, however, my morning walk does not always trigger it. I may sweat during the walk, or at the end, but there are as many days I don’t sweat during my morning walk or at the end. I have not been able to identify a sure repeatable pattern.

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2019-01-18 – Nature Photography, The day after the Rain

The first day without rain. Today’s subject was The day after the Rain. All PICTURES were taken outside around my house catching the sky with different cloud formation. There are a few photos that show a heavy overcast with the sun trying to break through. Tomorrow we should see a clearer sky for a bit as the rain will be moving in again for Sunday.

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2019-01-03 – Landscape Photography, Mount Diablo, Set 3

Today’s goal was to take Mount Diablo pictures from a new location. Yesterday Dianne and I checked out the Empire Mine Road, which is now a walking trail, from its starting point which is the Mesa Ridge Road junction. We did see Mount Diablo and therefore agreed to use this location for today’s set.

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2018-10-28 Recovery Day 601

Today was a good day! Health-wise everything was OK starting the day. Thanks to Dianne, I had a great breakfast to start the day, making me forget a little bit of lower and shoulder pain. However, later during my morning walk with Dianne, my Arthritis Pain kicked in, more than before. Maybe it is time to take some Tylenol Arthritis Pain beforehand. As the day progressed my energy got better, and my pain levels returned slowly to normal. Overall the day was better than yesterday.

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2018-10-26 Recovery Day 599

Today was a so-so day! Health-wise it started off very well, but by late afternoon it got bad, some of it my own fault. Starting my morning walk, no pain around my ankle or hip, which was true for the whole day! However, my shoulder pain/soreness and lower-back got the worst of me because of spending three hours sitting in front of my computer. I overdid it.

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2018-10-24 Recovery Day 597

Today was a better day! Health-wise it was a repeat of yesterday, minus the morning dizziness. Starting my morning walk, the pain started again around my ankle, however, the level was not as high as yesterday. I continued my walk and the pain level decreased as long as I walked. However, at the end of my walk, my hips pain had increased. During the day both, ankle and hip pain showed up when I walked for a few minutes. In the afternoon I went to the local hospital for X-rays of my left ankle, as ordered by my doctor. Moving forward, Step 1, X-Rays (which I just did), if nothing is there we go to step 2, a PET/CT.

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Nothing but Gray Sky – Week 6

Just got back from my doctor about my back problem. I was order total rest, not driving anywhere for the rest of the week. This means no visiting Contra Loma, Empire Mine Road, San Joaquin River Delta, etc. Today’s set is the view from my backyard, showing a gray sky at the same six focal lengths as yesterday’s set.

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