2018-10-28 Recovery Day 601

Today was a good day! Health-wise everything was OK starting the day. Thanks to Dianne, I had a great breakfast to start the day, making me forget a little bit of lower and shoulder pain. However, later during my morning walk with Dianne, my Arthritis Pain kicked in, more than before. Maybe it is time to take some Tylenol Arthritis Pain beforehand. As the day progressed my energy got better, and my pain levels returned slowly to normal. Overall the day was better than yesterday.

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2018-10-26 Recovery Day 599

Today was a so-so day! Health-wise it started off very well, but by late afternoon it got bad, some of it my own fault. Starting my morning walk, no pain around my ankle or hip, which was true for the whole day! However, my shoulder pain/soreness and lower-back got the worst of me because of spending three hours sitting in front of my computer. I overdid it.

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2018-10-24 Recovery Day 597

Today was a better day! Health-wise it was a repeat of yesterday, minus the morning dizziness. Starting my morning walk, the pain started again around my ankle, however, the level was not as high as yesterday. I continued my walk and the pain level decreased as long as I walked. However, at the end of my walk, my hips pain had increased. During the day both, ankle and hip pain showed up when I walked for a few minutes. In the afternoon I went to the local hospital for X-rays of my left ankle, as ordered by my doctor. Moving forward, Step 1, X-Rays (which I just did), if nothing is there we go to step 2, a PET/CT.

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Nothing but Gray Sky – Week 6

Just got back from my doctor about my back problem. I was order total rest, not driving anywhere for the rest of the week. This means no visiting Contra Loma, Empire Mine Road, San Joaquin River Delta, etc. Today’s set is the view from my backyard, showing a gray sky at the same six focal lengths as yesterday’s set.

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Down by the San Joaquin River – Take 3

Today was a bad day for outdoor photography, noting but rain. However that did not stop me from going down to the Municipal Fishing Dock to take photos of the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta as I did the last two weeks. I put on my rain gear, including the protective plastic sleeve for the camera, and quickly took the four photos of the same sceneries as before for comparison to days 4 and 11.

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No colorful Sunrise, just Fog

This morning all that I saw was fog, eliminating the chance for catching another colorful sunrise. But true to taken pictures of the same scene as during the last two weeks Day 1 and Day 8, I waited until there was enough light to trying taken the four photos. Yes, there is a lot of gray in these photos, instead of the clouds and sunrise, but I do feel there are interesting photos to put up as they are more like Black and White ones.

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Down by the San Joaquin River (Take 2)

Finally the rain stopped, at least that what I thought as I went down to the Municipal Fishing Dock to take photos of the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta as I did last week. Just as I got on to the Fishing Pier, a localized shower started. I out waited it, and took the first wo shoots. Walking down to the end of the pier to take the last two shoots, it started again. I quickly took those remaining two shoots and got the hell out of there.

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Between Major Rain Storms

The first storm ended this morning with the second one about to start. Knowing that I would not get a colorful sunrise because of the heavy cloud cover nor would I be able to avoid the forecasted heavy rain, I decided to take advantage of the current lighting conditions showing the various cloud layers. Since I used a small aperture I had to increase the ISO setting and use the fence for stabilization.

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Another colorful Sunrise

Thanks to the break in our rain pattern and a very cold (29F/-2C) morning we have another colorful sunrise. This one is just to nice to pass by, specially since the weather forecast is that the next 9 days will be bringing much needed rain to our area. With all that rain being predicted we will see limited sunshine, if any at all. This will be a challenge for my landscape photography as I will have to deal with dark over-casted darker skies for the upcoming days.

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