2018-10-30 Recovery Day 603

Today was yet another bad day! Health-wise things were not that good. The morning started with shoulder pain. The problem got worth during my morning walk my hip pain started up, slowly increasing in level. By the time I got back home, it was time to rest hoping for the pain would stop. However, instead of the pain going away, I now started to get short burst of spasms up on my left leg. They got so frequent that I decided to a Dilaudid to stop the pain and therefore also the muscle spasms. It helped enough for most of the afternoon.

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2018-09-03 Recovery Day 546

Today was a very bad day. It started of not too bad, no dizziness, stomach queasiness or bone pain, except for the shoulder pain. Things turn bad shortly after returning from my walk. It started with spasms of my left side, arm, and leg. I laid down in bed, but things did not get better. Around lunch, there was a bit of relieve, enough to have lunch, but things got worse shortly after. I took some Baclofen, which helped when I had the spasms during my treatment, it did not do the trick as they came back after lunch.

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2018-03-28 Recovery Day 387

Today was a bad day. It did not start that way as I had no issues getting up and my vitals looked good. I had a good breakfast and got ready for my all-day treatment. It started during the pre-med infusion that my energy level dropped and my stomach suddenly did not feel that good.

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2018-02-07 Recovery Day 338

Today was a bad day. Things felt good after getting up and having breakfast. After breakfast Den drove me to the local Cancer Treatment center. Shortly after the infusion of the pre-meds I become overcome with spasms (sudden involuntary contraction of a group of muscles). In my case the locations were top of my arms. Sometimes the spasms lasted up to 2 minutes.

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