2019-07-08 Living with Cancer Day 855

Today was a so-so day. I got up around 6:50 to start my morning routine, however
since getting up I was hit by Dizziness, Stomach Aches, sweating and shortness of breath. I canceled my morning work and instead took some oxygen to overcome the shortness of breath. Around 9:00 my breathing was back to normal, which was good enough to go out for my morning walk with Dean along our Southern Route. Close to the end of the walk I again was faced with shortness of my breather.

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2019-04-07 Living with Cancer Day 762

Today was Not a Great Day, it was the direct opposite from yesterday. The day started late, around 9:00, with some light dizziness, stomach cramps, and sweating. The symptoms stayed around for most of the morning after lunch only the dizziness and some stomach issues hung around for the rest of the day. As to my shoulder and hip pains, the only showed up depending on the activity I was active in. In summary, health-wise today was a very Bad Day.

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2018-10-09 Recovery Day 582

Today was a OK day, because of my lower back pain has surfaced again. In addition, my hip pain also was back and my upper shoulder pain, even so, it is normal for it to be present, the level was higher than normal. The good news, no issue regarding my temporary crown I got yesterday.

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2018-10-07 Recovery Day 580

Today was a excellent day, my lower back pain was almost gone, which is a great improvement. For today, I only had to deal with my upper shoulder pain, which is normal as it is tied to my spine surgery. Having been a very active day, the pain I did encounter did not slow me down.

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2018-09-02 Recovery Day 545

Today was another great day. It was a busy day and health-wise, no dizziness, stomach queasiness or bone pain all day long. However, I still have to deal with my shoulder pain from the surgery. Today, because of my busy travel schedule, the shoulder pain was at the border of almost being too much, lucky for me the Tylenol did its trick.

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2018-05-12 Recovery Day 432

Health-wise I finally had a good night sleep. The morning started of great, no dizziness and my vitals were good. I had a good breakfast and was ready for my morning walk. However, all of a sudden, after taking my morning medication, my left side from shoulder to my hand was getting very tight with some light pain.
I decided to go upstairs to lie down for a bit, hoping the tightness would go away. After about an hour or so I start feeling better and ready to go for my morning walk with my wife. Returning back home, my arm’s tightness was almost all gone, what was left was my shoulder’s tightness the result from my spine surgery and something I will have to deal with for most of the rest of my life.

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2017-09-17 Recovery Day 195

Today started of very bad, around 2:00 AM I woke up with a serve dry-heaving attack. For those not familiar with that term:

Nausea is an unpleasant, queasy feeling in the throat or stomach that may result in vomiting. … Vomiting can only come from the stomach. Retching is the reverse movement (peristalsis) of the stomach and esophagus without vomiting. Sometimes this is called the dry heaves.

We got it under control quickly with Zofran via IV, however, 2 hours later I had a second attack, this time Ativan was used to control it. I was able to catch some rest and woke up around 7:00 AM.

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2017-07-10 Recovery Day 126

Just like yesterday morning, my problems was my leg pain again. And just like yesterday the pain was no going away as it has in the past. All the signs were there that today would be a repeat of yesterday. Regardless, I went downstairs for breakfast. It was not easy to do since my upper leg/buttocks pain was at a pain level 8. I tried walking if off, which worked in the past, but it did not today. In addition. not only did the pain in my left foot returned, but also did my right foot start to hurt, making it even more difficult to walk.

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2017-07-09 Recovery Day 125

Today’s temperatures were much lower than yesterday, 68F at 6:00 AM, 21F lower, and a high of only 100F, the sign of a good day. However, I had hoped that today would be a better day than yesterday, but that’s were I was wrong again. Just like yesterday, my problems was my leg pain again. And just like yesterday the pain was no going away as it has in the past.

As it turns out today was a exact repeat of yesterday, my upper leg/buttocks were so bad that it prevented me from walking, further, the pain in my left foot also returned, making it even more difficult to walk.

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2017-07-08 Recovery Day 124

There is not much to write about today. For starters, the outside temperature was already 89F (32C) at 6:00 AM when I woke up. It rose to 105F (41C) by 15:00 and stayed there until about 16:00. The reason I bring up the temperature is that because of it my movement was rather restricted to staying inside and downstairs. Our house, like most in our neighborhood, is suffering from a design flaw, the AC does not cool the upstairs, specially in hot weather like today.

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