2017-05-09 Recovery Day 64 – Short Version

Quick update more to come tomorrow.

First the good news, the surgery went well, I can move my feet and toes, move my arms, fingers and thumbs, in summery everything that moved before still does, and which did not does not. The report from the assistant surgeon was that they fixed twice the number of compressions that they had identified needed to be fixed. My spine was in a mess, no wonder all that pain.

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2017-05-08 Recovery Day 63

This morning is a repeat of Day 60, Friday. I had a good night, like all those nights during last week, nothing different to report. There was no pain when I woke up. I decided, like last Friday, to stay in bed until it is time to get ready to go to Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Berkeley. The main reason for staying in bed is that since I am not allowed to eat and drink anything starting this morning, I am limiting my activities that would only increase the demand for water and food.

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