2019-12-01 Living with Cancer Day 998

Date: 2019 December 01, at 07:15:05 PST
Weather: 54 °F to 59 °F Cloudy and Rain
Location: UCSF Helen Diller Medical Center at Parnassus Heights, San Francisco, CA

A New Day
Today started at 6:00 with my vitals being taken and my blood being drawn. Results became available at 6:30, with the numbers holding.

I did some cleanup of my overnight devices, iPad, iPhone, and Laptop, ready for use during the day.

It’s 7:15, ready for my 1st walk, on return my breakfast should arrive soon. Got 4 walks around the ward today within 15 minutes. After my return, I cleaned up my bed station, started checking my mail, still a lot of ads for the last day of Thanksgiving and tomorrow’s Cyber Monday. Last but not, resting and waiting for my breakfast.

Breakfast Confusion
Breakfast did arrive around 8:00, but it was a bit short, all I got was a Strawberry Yogurt and a White Roll. It turns out there was some problem with the online system.

Until the real breakfast would arrive around 8:30 the day nurse took my vitals and gave me my regular morning medication.

By 8:20 Dr. Shah my UCSF Oncology doctor came down for her round. She is very happy that I am still walking, even increased my rounds, it will help with the recovery as my condition will drop when I had my last treatment tomorrow morning.

BTW, Dr. Shah will not be visiting me tomorrow, but Dr. Thomas Martin, associate director of UCSF’s myeloma program and director of the unrelated donor transplantation programs for adults at UCSF Medical Center, will see me instead.

Back on normal Schedule
Around 8:45 my schedule was back on normal starting with getting my daily medication a bit late, but that is no real issue. What is important is getting my Anti-fungus Antibiotics on time, which is 9:00 Am and 9:00 PM.

After having taken my medication I started to feel a bit dizzy around 9:15 and took some dizzy medication only to doze off watching TV.

I woke up around 10:15 to take my Treatment Medication, Day 3, Cycle 2. Tonight I will start my last Day.

My 2nd Walk
Dianne and I had our second walk before lunch, it is getting a bit harder to walk our 3 round as the Chemo Treatment is starting to take its toll on my body, however, I did it. Getting back to my room I took a 30 minutes nap before lunch arrived.

Lunch Time and More
Lunchtime was on time, I did order a bit too much, I side effect as my Chemo Treatment is starting to take effect. After lunch, I took along a 1-hour 15-minute Nap, opening my eyes every so often to watch a few moments of TV Dianne was watching.

Around my long nap the day nurse came by to replace my power port dressing, the needle was not replaced.

Afternoon Activities
Being awake after my long nap, I watch some movies on TV from 14:00 to 15:45. I had my shower right afterward before resting a bit until Dinner arrived around 16:45.

Like lunch, dinner was a bit too much as well. I will cut back my orders for tomorrow. After dinner, I rested again and watched some TV.

Evening Activities
I ended the day by watching TV and getting some rest. Around 21:00 (9:00 PM) shortly after nurses shift change, it is time for my night setup. Starting with the Pulse Oximeter being put on and checked out. By 21:30 I put on my CPAP Nasal Mask and let the machine start up automatically by just taking some deep breath.

Around 22:00 the nurse comes with the Chemo medication to start the treatment. Tonight it will be the last of 4 treatment cycles, Day 4, cycle 1. Tomorrow at 10:00 I will receive my last treatment, Day 4, cycle 2. It looks like my body will survive this one.

Treatment Cycle Two
After having finished treatment cycle one, I may get my clean Stem Cells injected either on Tuesday or Wednesday. It will be stage two of the treatment lasting anywhere from 10 to 15 days. This treatment cycle will be rougher than the first one and the question is can my body survive it?

2019-11-30 Living with Cancer Day 997

Date: 2019 November 29, at 06:30:57 PST
Weather: 43°F to 52F Mostly Cloudy
Location: UCSF Helen Diller MC at Parnassus Heights, San Francisco, CA

Getting started
It is about 6:30 and the night nurse got ready for me to start the day. After taking my vitals I am getting my morning medication. Around 7:00 my FentaNYL patches were changed as well.

Shortly afterward my breakfast arrived, which was very good. Dianne and I went after it for a walk around the ward.

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2019-11-28 Living with Cancer Day 995

Today was THE day! I am not talking about Thanksgiving, however you all have a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍽, enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner.

I am talking about starting my High Dosage of Cytoxan treatment administer over the next four days.

Because of us knowing we would not be together as a family today for our meal, Denise with some help from her mother, preparared a great Thanksgiving dinner, with all the fixings. It was a great dinner with all of us being together having a good time.

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2019-11-27 Living with Cancer Day 994

Today was a OK day! Dianne had planned to be home by 8:30, I therefore got up around 7:45 to be ready for her to be home. My plan was to stay upstairs to help her with things she had to do. This way I did not have to walk up and down the stairs too often. It turned out Dianne was staying downstairs for the morning as she was having the Tree People come around 10:00. I changed my plan and did the things I wanted to do upstairs before going downstairs. Since I was downstairs shortly after 9:00, I took my Antibiotics and 45 minutes later my other medication.

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2019-11-24 Living with Cancer Day 991

Today was a OK day! It started with me sleeping in until 8:30. After a good breakfast Dianne took me down to Sutter Delta MC for a type and cross. The crossmatching is to find a compatible blood type for transfusion. The results of blood typing will tell you if you are type A, B, AB, or O and if you are Rh negative or positive. Normally this takes no less than one hour, however, thanks to a mix up, today it took over two and a half hours. The crossmatching was only ordered in case the CBC draw scheduled for Monday would show a blood transfusion was needed in addition to the scheduled Platelets transfusion. Because of the delay, a CBC draw was taken as well. As it turns out the CBC results showed the need for a blood transfusion in addition to the platelet transfusion. I will be checking in to the hospital tomorrow morning 9:00.

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2019-09-29 Living with Cancer Day 934

Today was a Bad Day. I woke up to with a high fever of about 100.0F. I stayed in bed until about 3:00 in the afternoon. I took my temperature on a regular bases with the readings being between 99.9F to 101.1F, I tried watching some football, but dozed off constantly. I did have a very light lunch and dinner, but I only eat a small portions. After 3:00 PM I want downstairs to have a change of scenery. Being downstairs did not change my temperature and dozing off. I finally went back upstairs to call it a day and fall a sleep. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

2018-07-04 Recovery Day 485

Today was another good day, which again started with a good sleep. Like yesterday I got up early around 7:00 and had a good breakfast Dianne had made. Health wise no complaints, no stomach problems and no bone pains, only a little bit shoulder discomfort.

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2018-03-13 Recovery Day 372

Today was a better day then yesterday, but still not a good day. Like yesterday there is not much to write about. Again, like yesterday I did not get out of bed until 08:30 because of stomach pains that started at 4:00. After getting up I got ready for my morning walk with Dean. We were lucky that the rain had stopped for our walk. After returning from our walk I had a shower and got ready for the Cancer Support Group meeting.

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