2019-09-20 Living with Cancer Day 926

Today was not a good day. I got up at my normal time up to do my morning routine. I was having some light dizziness, stomach cramps and shoulder/neck pains. Everything else was fine. I had a light breakfast and was ready for my morning walk with Dean. My vitals at start of day were: BP 152/89 P73, T 97.7F. The Blood Pressure was a bit high, so I check again just before my morning walk, this time it was: BP 155/93 P 83, T 98.2F, which was even higher.

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2019-02-13 Living with Cancer – Day 709

Today was another very bad day. For the most part of today, I continue to deal with my Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). In addition, to deal with UTI, for the most part in the morning until lunch I broke out into a sweat that lasted about 30 minutes each time. Other health-related issues were dizziness and stomach cramps that came every so often.

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2019-02-04 Living with Cancer – Day 700

Today was not a good day. For most part, today was a repeat of yesterday, dealing with stomach cramps, dizziness, sweating and lack of concentration. I had a hard time doing anything as I dozed off many times, which did not help to get things done. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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2019-02-02 Living with Cancer – Day 698

Today was not a good day nor a bad day. For most of the day I had to deal with stomach cramps, dizziness and sweating. I was able to keep some control over the medical unpleasantries by taking the relevant medication, but their effectiveness lasts only so long. Regardless, I decided to go ahead and spend the day as we had planned.

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2019-02-01 Living with Cancer – Day 697

Today was a very bad day, normally it is the Saturday and Sunday after Wednesday’s Chemo Day. It started off OK with me taking my stomach and dizziness pills in the early morning. However, after getting up at 08:00 I had some light stomach cramps and encountered some Dizziness. After getting downstairs and having a light breakfast, the dizziness and cramps got strong, in addition I started to sweat. All I could do is rest, which did good since by 09:45 things were back to normal, allowing me to go for my walk with Dean.

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2018-12-12 Recovery Day 646

Today was another so-so day. Health-wise the day was again a repeat of yesterday, my stomach just would not cooperate. I went after lunch to the cancer center to get again some hydration. After the hydration, I returned home to rest to make sure my stomach problems stayed under control.

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2018-12-10 Recovery Day 644

Today was another bad day. Health-wise the day was almost a repeat of yesterday, my stomach just would not cooperate. However, unlike yesterday, I went to see my Oncology doctor hoping to see if she would know what to do to help my current situation. For starters, she ordered that I get some hydration immediately. In addition, she prescribed some medication to help with my stomach problems. I spend the next few hours getting hydrated before Dianne took me back home.

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2018-11-08 Recovery Day 612

Today was another so-so day! Starting with the health related items, the day started off without any dizziness, stomach issues or hip and ankle pains. My shoulder’s comfort/pain level was at a very low level. However, after my photo session I noticed some stomach issues and dizziness, which may be due to the PET/CT’s contrast fluid I got injected. Resting for the rest of the afternoon and taking the Zofran medication seemed to bring it back down.

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2018-09-17 Recovery Day 560

Today was a better day than yesterday day, still not great but almost a good day.
Still having dizziness and stomach problems. I took a Zofran for it which did help after a while. I rested a bit, watching some of the Raider’s game I had recorded, before starting my walk with Dean.

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2018-08-19 Recovery Day 531

Today was a bad day. On the positive side, I woke up with no dizziness. However, on the negative side, my stomach queasiness turned in to cramps every so often. In addition both of my hips experienced bone pain all day long. There is not much more to report, I just could not shake the stomach problems. In addition, I also had some lightheadedness. In summary, not a good day.

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