2019-04-03 Living with Cancer – Day 758

Today was a BAD Day, it started right after getting up with dizziness and an upset stomach. I had a light breakfast and started my morning walk early hoping that the walk would help minimizing the effects as it used to do in the past. Half way through the planned walk the symptoms had increased too much to continue, I therefore returned home. Getting back home, I rested since the dizziness and stomach issues were still there. The resting turned into falling asleep. Dianne called me around noon to make sure I was awake to have lunch.

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2019-03-28 Living with Cancer – Day 752

Another NOT so good day, starting with me getting up at 7:45 to have breakfast and get ready for my morning walk. Right after getting up I had to deal with heavy sweating and dizziness. During my walk, I had only light sweating and lower shoulder pain and no back pain or stomach issues. Returning home and after changing clothes and putting stuff away, I still was sweating and my shoulder pain was increasing and my lower back pain and stomach cramps started. It turned out that for the rest of the I had to deal with shoulder and lower back pain at various levels. Add to that dizziness and every so often stomach pain/cramps.

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2019-03-21 Living with Cancer – Day 745

Today was again bad day, starting with me getting up at 8:00 with some light dizziness, light sweat, and a sore throat as well. About 15 minutes later the sweat had turned in to a river that lasted for 30 minutes delaying my walk. The good news, the swearing, and Dizziness stopped shortly after I started to walk. However, my light sore throat was no longer light and I started to cough which I had a prescription for. For the rest of the day I had to deal with my regular shoulder and lower back pain and not to mention me dozing off in random patterns for about an hour. I had a hard time concentrating and staying awake.

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