2018-12-29 Recovery Day 663

Today was a so-so day, with the shoulder and lower back pain being the only issues for most of the day. Like yesterday the shoulder and back pain levels did not drop, but instead, they increased when being active. Resting helped to get​ the level back to an acceptable level. The good news, today, during the sitting in the theater, there was no jumpiness in my left leg, nor an increase in my pain levels because of the seat restrictions.

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2018-09-28 Recovery Day 571

Another excellent day on the island with no health issues. A great day helping me with my recovery. The island is only three-quarters of an acre, and one would think what is there to do? There is lots to do, watching the birds, boats, and seals, or just relaxing in one of the various meditation locations.

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Weekend Evening Sky Colors – Project 365

For the last few nights we got some great eveing sky colors, I finally decided on Saturday to catch those colors. On Sunday we had another great display of these colorful evening clouds, so in preparation for the Super Moon Eclipse, I took some more photos. I was hoping the clouds would cleared to catch the Eclipse, but no such luck this time around. Lucky I took those earlier photos.

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