2020-06-23 Living with Cancer – Day 1805

Today was a OK and busy day, health-wise my ‘normal’ pain levels increased from three and two to four for the shoulders and three for the lower back. It did however drop back to three and two a few times, but not for long, whereas it did not increase to level six and five. As to my eye, no change from yesterday. Tomorrow we have a appointment with UCSF and I foresee a change in dozage or a change in medication.

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2020-01-07 Living with Cancer Day 1035

Date: 2020 January 07, at 07:46:07 PST
Weather: 32°F Freezing Fog
Location: 4410 Deermeadow Way, Antioch, CA, United States

Getting Up – 07:46:07 PST – 32°F Freezing Fog
I woke up around 6:30 but stayed in bed until 7:45 since it was just too cold, 34F (1C). Before going downstairs, I did my daily chores and spend some time in my office getting some items I need to use my other smart switches as a gang of two downstairs.

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2019-06-18 Living with Cancer Day 836

Today was another so-so day, as to my sleep is back to the normal pattern. I again got up at 7:00 to have completed my breakfast and take my morning medication by 8:00. This morning I did not sweat much as I prepared for my morning walk. I ran into some problem during my walk, using the Portable Oxygen Concentrator, in that my Oxygen Saturation Level was not getting above 92%, requiring more to have more stops to rest. The reason was that one of my nostrils was plugged up. After my walk, I rested with oxygen for about 5 minutes which got my levels back up. After lunch, I went for some hydration at the cancer center helping to bring my energy level back.

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2019-01-15 Living with Cancer – Day 680

Today was another so-so day, it started around 4:00 AM with some Stomach and Dizziness discomfort. I took my medication for it and went back to sleep. By the time I got up, around 8:00 AM, things were a bit better for me to have a light breakfast. Things did not improve, I had my soup for lunch, hoping that this may help. It did but not until about 2:00 PM at which time the discomfort and pain went down. It lasted to about 5:00 PM after which the shoulder and lower back pain surfaced again. Since I just got home from the support group meeting, I rested which helped to get things back under control.

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2018-09-04 Recovery Day 547

Today was a better day. It started off good with no dizziness, stomach queasiness or bone pain, however, the shoulder pain was at a higher level. After my walk, the shoulder pain was back to the normal level. During the day the level went up and down. I took some Tylenol which helped a bit. All around it was a better day.

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2018-08-21 Recovery Day 533

Today was a good day. No dizziness and stomach queasiness at the start of my day! The only health issue remaining was the bone pain in both of my hips. Normally it lasts no more than 4 days after treatment, this time we are on day 6. I also feel very tired starting around mid-afternoon. In summary, a good day.

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2018-07-17 Recovery Day 498

Today was a great day. I had a really good sleep thanks to no diarrhea and no constipation. I had my regular breakfast to start my day and getting ready for taking my morning medication. Since the forecast for today was still high temperatures close to 100F with humidity high above normal, my morning walk with Dean was again moved to between 8:00 and 8:30. Bottomline for today, I felt health wise way above how I have felt the last 5 days.

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2018-05-15 Recovery Day 435

Health-wise a repeat of the last few days, a good night sleep, no dizziness and good vitals. After a good breakfast and taking my morning medication, I had my Tuesday Skype session with Francois. Since Dean had to be at the airport this morning, I walked alone. Today’s walk took about 55 minutes, without any increase in back tightness and no pain.

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2018-04-24 Recovery Day 414

Today is the last of the hot days, starting tomorrow the temperature will start dropping for the next 5 days before getting back up at least for 5 days. Health wise every thing were a bit different. For starters my Back Pain came back in addition to my Knee acting up. The knee pain is associated with my surgery in 1975, every once in awhile it acts up. Today was such a day. For both I took some Tylenol. It took some time for the pain to disappear which at the start slowed my morning walk down.

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2018-04-17 Recovery Day 407

If yesterday was a cold day, today was even more, especially in the morning. Health wise, it was another good day. The morning started like every day, getting up, checking my vitals, which were fine, followed by breakfast. Afterwards I took my morning medication. Since it was cold and windy I needed to figure out what to wear for my morning walk, which took some time.

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