California Live Oak Trees – Project 365

Decided to do some testing today with my Tamron SP AF 90mm F/2.8 in regard to landscape photography. As mention before a number of reviews suggested that this macro lens is also good for landscapes. I pay a visit the foothills outside Antioch, along Deer Valley Road, to capture some California Oak trees. I purposely shoot wide open to get a feel for the DOF performance with this long Prime lens. In a few days I will go back and take some more photos, this time using a more appropriate aperture setting for landscapes, such as F/11.
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Confusing EXIF Lens ID Information

Sometimes we want to know what lens was used to shoot a particular scene. Lenses are recognized by the lens-ID in EXIF metadata and a combination of factors (recorded also as tags in EXIF), such as: minimal focal length, maximal focal length, maximal aperture at minimal focal length, maximal aperture at maximal focal length, lens mount, lens format, taking focal length, maximal aperture at taking focal length, taking aperture, and so on. This information is also used by photo software applications to offer better information and possibly better processing of your photos.

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Mist Caught In The Spider Web – Project 365

After watering the flowers and misting our cacti, I notices the mist that was caught within the spider web. Because of the dark shade I started the with ISO 1000 for first two photos. However, the exposure values were rather slow, so the last two were taken with ISO 2000. BTW, I used my Tamron 90mm lens again, which I start to like more and more. Continue reading “Mist Caught In The Spider Web – Project 365”

Busy Bees – Project 365

Finally had the time and patients to take some photos of the bees that enjoying our lavender. I started with ISO 400, but ended up with ISO 1000 because of the shade and the dark background inside the lavender. I start to enjoy the Tamron 90mm Marco lens. It is the older version of the Tamron SP AF 90mm F/2.8 Di Macro (272E) that has a lower Dyxum rating. I originally was interested in the Di version, but after reading great reviews about the older version, I got one in excellent condition on eBay for $100, great price compared to the Di version, yet is the same exact design and optics! Continue reading “Busy Bees – Project 365”

My other Lenses

Last week I discussed the Minolta Maxxum lenses I have in my collection. Since my last Minolta lens purchase I have augmented the collection to cover more situations.

After a visit to the California Academy of Science, I realized that my Minolta AF Maxxum 50mm f/1.7 was too long for indoors. I therefore purchased the Sony DT 35mm F/1.8 SAM (SAL–35F18), which was on sale, lucky for me. The lens’ center sharpness is very high, even at F/1.8, Color fringing is well controlled overall, and distortion is about average. A review pointed out:

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