2019-03-27 Living with Cancer – Day 751

As to my activities, like the last few days, there were not many. However today I spend most of my ay inside the cancer center on a recliner to get my chemo infusion. I was able to take some PICTURES during my treatment of the IV Pole.

After my treatment, Dianne took me home. I rested which helped to keep my shoulder and back pain in check, however for about 30 minutes sweat returned. After the sweating stopped I start with the daily processing of my pictures and working on my Living with Cancer and Photography blog.

For the rest of the day my activities were the same as always, watching some TV in the background when working on my blog, today I had to continue to work on my blogs after dinner since I had little time before dinner because my treatment did not end until 4:00. After dinner, having finished my blog entries, I watch some TV or a Movie before calling it a day.

In summary, overall today was another so-so day.

Picture of the Day
2019-03-27 – Medical Photography – Equipment – IV (intravenous) Pole

Click => HERE for the accommodating Photographic Article, Medical Photography – Equipment – IV (intravenous) Pole

Complete Set of today’s Medical Photography – Equipment – IV (intravenous) Pole

2019-03-27 – Medical Photography – Equipment – IV (intravenous) Pole

Today’s single object is the IV Pole which is beside my recliner and is a piece of vital equipment for my cancer treatment.

These photos were taken during my MM Treatment which is every 4th Wednesday at my local cancer treatment center. I sit/lay in a recliner and are, via tubing, connected to an IV Pole that has wheels allowing me to move around, like going to the washroom.

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2019-03-18 Living with Cancer – Day 742

Today was another good day, started with me getting up at 8:00, with light sweating and dizziness. For most of the day, my shoulder and lower hip pains stayed in check. For my hip pain, I took Tylenol Arthritis which lowered the hip pain. Overall it was a good day.

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2019-03-14 – Nature Photography – Flowers – Road in Bloom

Today was a somewhat good day for photography. The sunshine helped but the wind interfered sometimes with the perfect shoot. These pictures during my morning walk along Country Hills Drive. Both sides of Country Hill Drive from Deer Valley Road to Lone Tree Way, where having trees in full bloom.

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2019-02-27 – Indoor Photography – Room Decorations, Set 6

Today was Treatment Day which is an all-day affair. It means that selecting a subject area for taking pictures off is difficult. I noticed, after settling in at the Infusion Room, that it still had the Ballon Figures that were left by Mark of the Cancer Support Group the week before. They became today’s subjects.

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2019-02-27 Living with Cancer Day 723

Today was very bad day. I decided last night to continue with taking Dilaudid every 3 hours starting at 9:00 PM. After 3:00 AM most of my pain was gone, except my pain in my shoulder area, which hurt when I turned in my bed. I got up early at 7:00 since I needed to be ready at 8:30 for Dean to take me to the Cancer Center. However, getting dressed was rather painful as suddenly like yesterday all my pain points got active the more I moved. It was so bad That I was not sure I wanted to the Cancer Center for Treatment. I decided to go hoping that at least my resting during the all-day treatment would help.

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2019-01-13 Living with Cancer – Day 678

Today was another so-so day, starting with me sleeping in until 8:30. By the time I had breakfast at 9:30. For most of the day, I had to deal with some earlier discomfort with some Stomach and Dizziness issues. However, thanks to the medication I had taken as a precaution around 6:00 AM I was able to enjoy some Toast and Tea. Not being very active I also started to encounter lower back pain. Because of these ailments, I rested for the whole afternoon and evening.

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2019-01-02 Living with Cancer – Day 667

Today was another so-so day, however, it is improving and may soon be a good day. I slept until 7:30 before going downstairs for breakfast I got ready for my all-day treatment session. Besides being a bit lightheaded I also had some stomach issues. I took my medication before Dean dropped me off for my all-day treatment appointment at 9:00 PM.

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2019-01-01 Living with Cancer – Day 665

For starters, I have changed the title of my postings as well as the Blog Title from Road to Recovery to Living with Cancer. The reason being is that the cancer I have, Multiple Myeloma (MM), has no cure. All that can be done is to treat the cancer and hope to achieve remission.

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2018-09-12 Recovery Day 555

Today was another excellent day, again, no dizziness, stomach queasiness or bone pain all day long. The back pain was also gone today, all that was there was the discomfort of the shoulder, which feels like a low-level pain for a lack of a better word. It was the second day in a row that I no pain. Today was my monthly all-day treatment day.

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