2019-01-13 Living with Cancer – Day 678

Today was another so-so day, starting with me sleeping in until 8:30. By the time I had breakfast at 9:30. For most of the day, I had to deal with some earlier discomfort with some Stomach and Dizziness issues. However, thanks to the medication I had taken as a precaution around 6:00 AM I was able to enjoy some Toast and Tea. Not being very active I also started to encounter lower back pain. Because of these ailments, I rested for the whole afternoon and evening.

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2019-01-02 Living with Cancer – Day 667

Today was another so-so day, however, it is improving and may soon be a good day. I slept until 7:30 before going downstairs for breakfast I got ready for my all-day treatment session. Besides being a bit lightheaded I also had some stomach issues. I took my medication before Dean dropped me off for my all-day treatment appointment at 9:00 PM.

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2019-01-01 Living with Cancer – Day 665

For starters, I have changed the title of my postings as well as the Blog Title from Road to Recovery to Living with Cancer. The reason being is that the cancer I have, Multiple Myeloma (MM), has no cure. All that can be done is to treat the cancer and hope to achieve remission.

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2018-09-12 Recovery Day 555

Today was another excellent day, again, no dizziness, stomach queasiness or bone pain all day long. The back pain was also gone today, all that was there was the discomfort of the shoulder, which feels like a low-level pain for a lack of a better word. It was the second day in a row that I no pain. Today was my monthly all-day treatment day.

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2018-09-10 Recovery Day 553

Today was a excellent day, right from the start. No dizziness, stomach queasiness or bone pain all day long. The only pain encountered was some back pain and elevated shoulder pain due to the activity I did around lunch time. Taking two Tylenol took care of the back pain. As to the shoulder pain, the level dropped back to normal during my lunchtime rest.

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2018-08-30 Recovery Day 542

Today was a OK day that started off good. Around lunchtime the pain in my shoulder acted up, it may have been because during my morning walk I moved my head too far back following a hawk putting on a good show. I noticed that as time progressed some low-level pain in my shoulder. However, it stayed at a low level until I ended my shopping at Home Depot before lunch. I got the pain under control with Tylenol and resting before I visited the Dentist.

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2018-08-23 Recovery Day 535

Today was a good day. No dizziness and stomach queasiness at the start of my day! Even the bone pain in both of my hips seems to be gone, which normally stops a day or two earlier after treatment. Normally it lasts no more than 4 days after treatment, this time it took 6 days. I expected to be tired for most of the day after yesterdays long day which lasted to around 11:00 PM. In summary, today was a good day.

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2018-08-20 Recovery Day 532

Today was a better day. The dizziness and stomach queasiness were back at the start of my day, however, the level was very low. For details read 2018-08-10 Recovery Day 522. On the positive side, by the time breakfast came around, both dizziness and queasiness were gone. For the rest of the day, the only health issue was the bone pain in both of my hips. In summary, a better day.

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2018-08-14 Recovery Day 526

Another good day with dizziness and my stomach queasiness when first getting up. Taking Zofran and Meclizine got it under control before breakfast. The added Transderm Scop (Scopolamine) patch should start working by tomorrow. Tomorrow is my treatment day, the first within my 4-week cycle, 1 on 3 off. It will be interesting to see how this will affect the good days I had lately.

One side effect I encountered today was that after lunch I was falling asleep unexpectedly and constantly. This happened during the support group meeting, at home during the dinner and writing this posting. It took some energy, especially writing this article, to stay on course.

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2018-07-24 Recovery Day 505

Today was a bad day. The diarrhea was back starting right after eating something. Sleeping last night was ok since I only got up once. As to the day itself, I only had to go once around 8:30. I was sure the day get better. However, as the rest of the day moved along my energy level dropped more and more.

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