2019-06-15 Living with Cancer Day 833

Today was a bad day, it started with not sleeping during the night and as the morning neared stomach cramps and pains took over. It turned out that all this pain and discomfort came from be constipated for 3 days, a side effect of the medication. I stayed in bed until about 10:30 when I suddenly was able to have that needed bow movement. However, my stomach cramps did not go away and overall I felt crummy so I stayed in bed until noon.

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2019-06-14 Living with Cancer Day 832

Today was another good day, the night was again a bit better than yesterday, I still sweat during the night at a very, very low level. Because of the time change for taking the Voriconazole Antibiotics from 7am/7pm to 9am/9am my morning routine changed. Breakfast must be before 8:00 am, however, dinner now can be over as late as 8:00 pm. However, this change goes very well with our starting time for the morning walk, which starts around 9:00 am. As to my oxygen use, I had to use during the morning walk and after lunch because of the preparation and the visit of my ex-colleagues from Premenos. For the rest of the day, there was no need to use oxygen, except during the demonstration of the portable unit which arrived in the afternoon.

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2019-06-06 Living with Cancer Day 824

Today was a good day! It is day two after discharge. There was no need for oxygen being inside. Using the morning walk we used Oxygen which helps to keep the level within the 92-95% range. It was very noticeable to me since my energy level did not drop too much. Activity wise I did a bit more than yesterday, however as the doctors say don’t overdo it, rest for the next few days.

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2019-06-03 Living with Cancer Day 821

Today was a so-so day! On the good news side, being connected all night to the CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) machine did not show any problem. However, sleeping with the mask was no fun. The rest of the day was spent to get ready to be discharged. As it turns out, that was wishful thinking, there were things to be arranged, papers to be signed.

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2019-06-02 Living with Cancer Day 820

Today was a bad day! It all started after going to bed last night, My Oxygen Saturation Rate dropped below 82%. The deal with Dianne was that if the level ever dropped below 88% that she would take me to the ER to get some Oxygen. I don’t remember much after getting into the car other than waking up around 2:00 in the morning. It took some time for me to recognize what had taken place, I had been admitted by the ER department to find out the cause.

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2019-05-31 Living with Cancer Day 818

Today was another good day, a continuation of yesterday, however, I had a much better sleep. After my morning routine, I got ready for my morning walk with Dean. Overall I was more active today than yesterday, being outside keeping company with Dianne, Dean and the Premenos boys. However, I pushed myself too much, which is not too good. I felt that my energy limit was exceeded and therefore needed to rest.

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2019-05-29 Living with Cancer Day 816

Good News, I have been released and I am home now. All the tests passed including the walk test (lowest reading 94%). We got the instructions about how to continue the Fungal Treatment at home. Since I have the Rhinovirus (common cold), which got active late yesterday, I got some helpful hints from the Hospitalist to deal with it. As to the Fungus infection, it will be a long road before we can say we have eliminated it.

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2019-05-25 Living with Cancer Day 812

Today was not a good day, it started like all of the earlier mornings. As the day progressed things got worse a repeat of yesterday. By the time lunchtime approached I had a mild fever. By dinner time my temperature had dropped to normal. However, my oxygen level had dropped to the minimum level required for my body to function, today I am not even close to being in the same shape.

That’s it for today, after dinner instead of watching some TV, I took my vitals and medication, before calling it a day. Paul, please do, taking your meds.

2019-05-24 Living with Cancer Day 811

Today was another good day, a repeat of yesterday. I will skip the details about my symptoms and pain, they are the same as reported for the last 10 days. Instead, I will try to address my physical state. Today is the 11th day since returning home from the hospital which I stayed at for 28 days. Before this all started 38 days ago I was able to do my morning walks and move around freely. Today I am not even close to being in the same shape.

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2019-05-23 Living with Cancer Day 810

Today was another good day, starting off with a breakfast after a good night sleep. I get up around 8:00, with little to none stomach and/or dizziness issues. However, today I did have some light sweating that lasted until after breakfast. There were no new health issues, just the normal aches and pains.

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