2018-05-31 Recovery Day 451

Health-wise things did improved. Getting up without any signs of dizziness or nausea. I had my Breakfast and morning medication about 30-45 minutes later. My shoulder was at a normal level and no hip nor no bone pain at all, which was good. However, around mid-afternoon I had some light dizziness or nausea until I move around a bit more.

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My Landscape Photographic Workflow

There are only seven days left in 2016 signaling the start of another Project 365. As mention in my posting Getting ready for Project 365 (2017), my goal for this project is to concentrate only on Nature photography. Nature photography covers a wide range of photography taken outdoors and devoted to displaying natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of natural scenes and textures.

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Why I switched back to Linux

As mention before my main reason to switch to Linux was to escape from all the proprietary, controlled environments, services, tools and software that we all become depended on over decades of computing.

In the beginning OS X was open and fun, finally a *nix system with a usable applications and GUI! All that changed with the arrival of the iPhone and later iPad resulting in a closer coupling with iOS. Don’t get me wrong OS X is a still a solid operating system for those who enjoy Apple’s vision of the ideal desktop. It offers access to pro-level applications that many companies rely on. However, after 15+ years Apple’s Walled Garden is no longer the most practical operating system for my standards development and photography workflows.

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Switching to Linux

As I mentioned in my last posting, 2016 New Year’s Resolution, I installed last summer Ubuntu Linux on my new Web Server and laptop. Over the holidays I got thinking; what is keeping me from using Linux on all my systems? The end result was my new years resolution to do just that, moving my day-to-day work from main desktop running OS X El Capitan to Ubuntu 14.04.

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Apple’s New Photos App for OS X

This is not a review of Photos, there have been many written by now. What it is instead is about my experience with trying to determine if Photos can replace Aperture.

Before going into the details, I should mention that I am not much of a post-photographic processor. I prefer to spend more time in getting the photo done correctly they way I want it inside the camera.

Because of my rare and limited post-processing, I use Aperture more as a Photo Manager, than as an Photo Editor. As I explained in My Post-Photographic Workflow, Part–1 article, I store all my photos on a external RAID drive. I don’t store the photos inside Aperture, but instead use the referenced masters feature.

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