2018-11-12 Recovery Day 616

Today was a better day! I woke up early with some dizziness and stomach I, therefore, stayed in bed a bit longer than normal. Getting finally up there was a little bit of improvement, enough to go for my walk. For the rest of the day, my stomach pain and dizziness did finally go away. However my shoulder pain/discomfort did not go away, instead, it went up and down depending on my activities.

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2018-06-29 Recovery Day 480

Another good day, after a slow start. Waking up at my normal time I did not feel good, Dianne made me stay in bed with taking a ZoFran to get my no stomach aches settle. It worked, by 7:00 my stomach aches and dizziness were down to the normal levels. I started to get ready for my morning walk with Dean, when I got a text message from him. It said:

Hey I can’t walk today. Had an overnight stay at Kaiser fill you in on the details when I get out

Dean believed that he would be released around lunch, I therefore decided to go ahead with my morning walk alone.

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