2018-04-29 Recovery Day 419

Weather-wise almost identical to yesterday, warm when the sun came out, cold when the clouds covered the sun, add to that the wind which sometimes was very strong. Health-wise the day started of again with some dizziness which disappeared as the morning progressed. Checking my vitals showed they were OK and no change from yesterday. It was time to have breakfast and taking my morning medication. After a small rest we got ready for our Sunday Family Walk.

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2018-04-20 Recovery Day 410

Another nice warm day outside. Health wise, no change, no treatment side effects, my vitals were fine, making this a good day. I started with a good breakfast, taking afterwards my morning medication and got ready for my morning walk. Today I walked alone since Dean was on his way to Southern California. I walked for about 90 minutes taking 45 photos. More about the photos in another blog entry.

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