2019-09-06 Quick Update

Quick Update that I am still alive. Having gone through a period of bad and good days, with the bad having be in the majority, I had little time to do my daily blogging. Most time was spent either having to catch up with work that was to be done during the bad days, or having treatment days and new specially doctor’s appointments in an effort to figure out some new symptoms (side effects) treatment. Starting tomorrow, Dianne will be able to administer Hydration for me each day thanks to Sutter Health Home Care Services. This will be a great time saver.

More on that as I hope to resume my daily Living with Cancer blogging.

Registering/Creating your User account

As I mention in my post The road to Recovery I want to use this blog to document my road to recovery, the obstacles I encounter and deal with, not just physically but also mentally. By sharing my thoughts with you, receiving feedback, I hope this to become a very effective therapeutic tool during my recovery process.

For you to engage (provide comments), you must be a registered and validated user. The process is simple start by clicking HERE

The Log In window will open, allowing registered users to enter the user name and password. Below those two fields, underneath the Log In button, are two links one to Register and the other to recover a Lost Password.

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Suspending my activities


Please note that for medical reasons I am suspending my blogging and Project 365 activities until further notice.

I plan to provide more details about my medical situation and how it will impact my personal hobby of running Klaus’ Korner website.



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Back On-line

It has been almost a year since my last blog entry. The reason for it is (was) very simple, I got extremely busy with my real business, Illumonus. You may have read my blog entries about Business Semantic Interoperability and my idea about building a Business Semantic Thesaurus called LinguMatic, guess what? It is happening! The concept has been proven during an ISO/IEC/ITU/UNECE Proof of Concept in which Illumonus played a major role.

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2016 New Year’s Resolution

It’s the time of the year for the tradition to make a promise to do an act of self-improvement for the coming year.

Besides the standard resolutions for better health living etc, this year my technical based resolution is to escape from all the proprietary, controlled environments, services, tools and software that I have depended to used to over decades of computing.

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Personal Update

You may have noticed that my last blog entry was October 1st; you may also have noticed that staring with the next day my Project 365 photos were all taken around UCSF’s Medical Center. The reason for my lack of blogging was due to a family emergence that required me and my wife to drive to UCSF’s MC each day for the next two weeks to be with our daughter. As you can tell from the Project 365 Album pages I was able to take pictures but had not much time to blog.

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