640 West 2nd Street – Project 365

Here is another building downtown Antioch on West 2nd Street that I like. When we first moved here in 1990, this was a Hobby Store, as in Model Trains, airplanes and ships. It closed a few years later thanks to Toys R Us. Other businesses moved in, but now it is empty. I like the view from Waldie Plaza and the building’s front with the large windows. Sadly I could not find any historic data on this building. Continue reading “640 West 2nd Street – Project 365”

Historical Antioch Lumber Company Building

Antioch’s historical Lumber Company building on 340 W 2nd Street belong to one of the oldest mercantile firms in Antioch. Founded in 1864 and incorporated in Feb. 20, 1907, the Antioch Lumber Company still exists as a corporate body, however it no longer uses this historic building. The structure exhibits good planning and design and relates to early American architecture.

Antioch is one of the oldest towns in California, having been founded in 1850. The year following the discovery of gold, there was a plague that over-took the city and wiped out most of the population. The town was founded by two brothers, William and Joseph Smith, who named the town Smith’s Landing. In 1851, the town’s new minister persuaded the residents to change the name of the town to Antioch, for the Biblical city of Antioch, Turkey.

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New Format and Content

Yesterday I announced in my post ‘A New Beginning’ the change of focus and content for Klaus’ Korner to be no longer about daily posting of newsworthy articles, but instead about Photography, more precise – My Photography.

Today I like to go into a bit of more detail regarding this transition. The main focus will be on publishing my daily photos taken as part of Project 365. The photos will be published as daily galleries that are contained in monthly albums. The twelve albums for this year will be collected under a larger albums named Project 365 (2015).

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